Memorial Arena

Joeyray's Bar
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*Facepalm.* Wrong hybrid.
"Fine." I transform into a Hybrid Destroyer and vaporize all Zarkuns pizzas again.
*Slices off SF's hands.* Leave the pizza's out of this.
I vaporize Zarkuns hands. "Rawr."
*Reforms them with Excalibur.* Now then, not SF or smylez, what you got for me?
*Gives Zarkun a nickel* Today is National Give Random People Nickels Day!
The hybrid teleports out of the arena for some pizza and pasta.
*Get's behind the counter, still hyper mode.* What'll you have?
"Protoss appendages and zergling steak on my pizza with a hint of marshmallows please."
*Whips it up and serves it, then approaches the arena.* What I wouldn't give for an opponent that wasn't SF... *Looks nickel over then throws it into the ring.*
"Can I have a Clone Pie?" I spit one of my clones over the counter. "I am the only one who can kill me, or my clones."
Razagra takes a nap for tomorrow's match against anyone.
*Makes the pie.* Here ya go.
I eat it quickly.
Several Zerglings unburrow in the arena and start dancing.

Harbinger knocks on the bar.
"Hello? Still waiting on the pizza and the-" The drink suddenly appears in his hand.
".....Nevermind on the drink. Man you guys are quick. Didn't even see anyone bring it out." He takes a drink, and starts having visions.

Chimera already finished the water. He looks back in the arena, then asks
"Hey, do you guys have a eight-gallon jug back there? Could you fill it with water?"

Nina gets back up from eating, and heads up to the bar.
"Could I get a refill please?" she asks, putting the cup on the bar.
"We don't have eight gallons, but I can give you a beer mug if needed. Bringing up refill for the lady." Brings Nina her refill.
Nina grabs her drink, says thanks and heads back to her seat.

Chimera looks at the bartender(CR) and asks
"Then do you have a beer keg? Just fill it up with water, and I'll drink that."

Harbinger still is having visions.

Athazual STILL hasn't moved.
A beer keg falls on the table, filled with the best water ever.
The hybrid is back in the ring, bored.
Chimera grabs the keg and chugs it.

A copy of the Hybrid in the arena appears in the arena.

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