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All the pizzas reappear. Above the arena pit. "I can't get to page 6 of Darkest Heart." I give a face so sad it makes half the people around me cry.
I can't either. *Summons the pizza's to me.* Now, stop doing that.
"Blizzard. Why?" I burn the counter.
I made a temp thread, so use that til the bug is fixed.
Nor can I. I will be gone for about an hour and a half. Have to go to the Dentist's soon. Actually probably over two hours. Will be doing stuff for 40 mins, then going XD
It works now that we've gone and made a change for the not working one. Post on the normal one please.
"I posted from the first page."
Not what I meant.
"Yeah, but that's how I fixed it."
I have a persona? That's new to me.
"As in yourself in the PRP place (arena/bar/pizza place)."
That ain't no persona, I'm just fulfilling my role in those specific areas. I am the owner of the arena, so how come I can't act like a host?
Basic statement he made was that you interact with characters as CR, instead of only through your characters, a la Nikola. Or me.

Notice, when discussing something with you guys, I'm plain old Drac. When I converse with a character, I use a character (usually Shadow, Umbra, et al)
Never really thought of that, I didn't think of it as a persona though.

Oh well, it does get confusing after a while I think.
Zaros starts moaning, "I, hate, when, that, stuff, happens."
I have a question: What does PRP stand for? Post-Roleplay?

And on a completely different note, I am slightly irked. Even the Dentist thinks I look like Harry Potter -_-
I can't say that. I've never seen you in real life.
08/22/2012 01:27 PMPosted by Nikola
And on a completely different note, I am slightly irked. Even the Dentist thinks I look like Harry Potter -_-

Dude, I would be so happy if everyone thought I looked like Harry Potter XD
It gets old after a while. I don't even have black hair, and my glasses are rectangular frames.
I kinda pushed my own appearance onto Shadow-
Brown hair, pale skin, vivid green (technically hazel, but they switch between green and brown) eyes, thin, sort of tall.
It's better than people saying you look like Gollum. THAT gets really old.

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