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"It sounds to me a short version of Jedidiah."
My name is actually hard to make fun of, but it gets messed up horribly quite often.
If I told you my name, and what I'm called often, you'd be hard pressed to figure out WTF was going on.
I don't care if I tell you my first name. There are probably about 100 million people who have it :P

Horrible Nicknames (If amusing):
N i g g e r less
D i c k a less
D i c k
Harry Potter (tq.qt)

It's pretty obvious what my name is by the first three :P
Nice place.
Thank you Knarled, me and Draconus remodeled it, again.
"Wikipedia the Free Encyclopedia, is one name for me, I keep telling the person that I do not know that much."
I'm getting tired of these useless forum posts...
These are only as useless as Starcraft itself. They serve to flourish creativity and provide entertainment, as does the game this forum was designed for. That makes all of your little QQ posts as useless as these.
Well, honestly, I'm not sure where Jedi actually came from. My Uncle's nickname was Jedi Masterberg.
I find it funny that trolls and QQers find a problem with us, when what we constructive, and what they do is repetitive and, frankly, achieves nothing.
No comment there.
I have a quick question? Who won, the Hybrid or the Robot?
"ME! Or are you talking about Gary versus smylez hybrid thingy?"
I think Gary ran.
I think the Hybrid completely ignored Gary.
about all the general rage, it's because the front page of joeyray's=THE FRONT PAGE we are the popular topics. we dominate the forums bwahahahahahahhaahaha!
1% of posters get 99% percent of the fame ftw
I walk in again, having decided to bring my "crew" of characters from other games. Bulbmin, Scourge Splitters, Solid Snake, Gan Ning, Ophelia from the Age of Metal [Brutal Legend], and, incongruously, Fettel [F. E. A. R. 3].
You sure are getting creative over there Draconus.
Hopefully they don't start an "Occupy JoeyRay's" movement.
Nah. But we will refuse to be ignored.

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