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Umbra sits. "Aw, man!"
I throw Zarkun in the cage and Zarkun sets on fire. Bad stuff randomly happens to him.
SF, behave or I will use the torture room on you.
*Phases through the cage and kicks SF in his nutter butters.* Not cool.
"Hey, I was testing my new RANDOM TORTURE CAGE! Jeez."
Do it to that Dominion marine then. He's drunk anyways.
I grab the Marine and throw him in. A roof made of spikes drops on top of him 10 times over. Then other random stuff happens.
Huh. It did different things to me.
"That is why it is called the Random Torture Cage."
Since only one person signed up, the match will not begin at all. Zarkun, make us some crying pizzas for the disappointment of the first day back on the grid.
Malak signs up. Gary and Malak go into the arena. Malak slices Gary in half. "I have won." He says instantly.
And this serves as an auxiliary, violence-allowed version of the Bar!
A challenger has entered the ring!

Name: Razagra
Faction: Hybrid Honors
Unit: Hybrid Annihilator
Equipment: Claws and Tentacles
Death's mask-All damage is reflected to their original source for 20% of the original damage.
Eruption-A wave of dark energy is emitted a cone in front of the hybrid, annihilating all in the cone's path.
The Dark Will- Immune to mind control. Stuns and crowd control may not work depending on their nature.
Summon Avatars: Summon up to 4 hybrid Annihilators that are 45% weaker than the original.
Hellfire-all units in a 5x5 radius are stunned by psionic backlash. The ground underneath the affected circle turns into pure psionic energy and erupts upwards, incinerating anyone who happens to be inside.
Consume DNA: Consumes an organic target immediately. Gains life, shields and energy depending on the target. Energy is only restored if the target is psionic. However, some targets will have their essence drained.
Impalement: The tendril(s) can be stretched over 20 feet and impales a target. The hybrid has 8 tendrils.
Enslave-any visible target will be enslaved by the hybrid's overwhelming powers if the hybrid chooses to do so. A maximum of 30 supply worth of units can be enslaved.
Accelerated Regeneration-A strange aura surrounds the hybrid and wounds heals extremely quickly but during this time, the hybrid does not move or attack.
Detector- detects cloaked units.
Roar-The hybrid roars and sends the enemy into a terrified state.
Background: The hybrids have awakened one by one to do their dark master's bidding. Razagra was one such hybrid developed by Samir Duran and he is all to glad to perform what is needed of him.
Malak scribbles out his name and Gary gets repaired and makes his name explode.
New rule people, you can't be more OP than your opponent, so we are going to balance the match some. Hybrids are no longer immortal in the ring, to OP.

Just doing this so smylez doesn't farm so many livers and kidneys.
They aren't immortal. Did I say they were immortal?
No you did not. And there will be the occasional Ultralisk with frenzy of course.
Bring it on.
Insidia comes in. "I will spawn Zerg if need be."
Cayl walks in and sits at the bar. "I'd fight if there weren't so many psionic opponents. Makes even me look sad after so long."

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