Memorial Arena

Joeyray's Bar
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I appear from the shadows, making sure I trip over a chair and knock over a table as I do so.
"Hi guys, I'm still any more purple pills?"
I walk out of nowhere, and bump into yoki, still drunk.
"Ohhhh, sorry......" He sits at a table. "Got anything realllllllllllllly hot?"
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Cayl walks in and sits at the bar. "I'd fight if there weren't so many psionic opponents. Makes even me look sad after so long."
I put a couple of glasses down. "You are forgetting something, I arrange the matches, I can match an opponent with another that is around the same skill level." I stand back up. "Want a drink to get rid of those sorrows, a Mind Shredder will make you forget a lot of things." Tosses yoki a whole jar of forget me blue, and fiery truth red pills, they fused together to make purple.
Cayl leans against the bar. "I think I'll watch for a bit first. See if there's anyone specific I'd like to fight."

While I'm thinking about it, anyone know what happened to Nikola?
Nikola just got back from Vacation, apparently drunk on tea.
I saw that. We may be able to salvage NtS with his return.
I shoot yoki with a sedative. "TIME TO BE TORTURED!" I throw him into my RTC.
Bum bum.
Bum bum, bum bum, bum bum.
Bum.bum, bum bum, bum bum (ay ay ay)
You guys are god damn crazy, but that is what the people want to see.

Ok, I am thinking of an event for the arena, where I was hoping all of Joeyray's would attend to, what should it be. I want ideas everywhere people. If need be lets all have a Popsicle first.
"Umm, watch as someone from the audience is tortured in funny and excruciating painful ways?
SF, I am trying to make money and views. I am not going to torture someone who pays to eat and drink here while they watch a fight. I know, torture yourself.
Massive Character brawl, only one character at a time though so that we don't get confused.
"Intriguing idea, but no." I throw Crymson into the RTC and take yoki out.
The RTC malfunctions because the owner of the arena is in there. "Don't make me create something under the arena, somewhere I know that you and smylez will have fun in."
"Okay." I drop twenty-four spike traps on top of Crymson.
I shrug. "All I can think of involves more than we've got or is just plain stupid."
"And Draconus, you said you didn't like the design of the place, you said it's lacking something. Maybe you should help with the next remodeling that will take 1 minute to post. So, what is the idea of yours." A plothole opens up and a woman steps out, the spike traps were all destroyed and she sat down.
I grab my Sword of Decay and stab Crymson with it.
*Blocks Sword of Decay with Excalibur, which is immune because of it's legendary and heavenly status.* Play nice, or I'll have HBRB take away your status.
The woman gets up and snaps the blade in half with one fell swoop. "I am sixteen, and how old are you? Because you are slow, then again I was raised partially in a hive."

PLOT THICKENS! "So that's what that portal was, a portal from the future."

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