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"But I want Crymson to build the place under the arena and I have to do bad things to make him build it!" I start whining. "If Zaros sees this, well, I don't think it will be pleasant for Marduk. I think I want Zaros to see his daughter though now...."
"The layout is poor. I'm thinking octagonal floor space, with each corner supported by pillars. The Arena dead center, and circular. More use of denser, more durable metals. This carpeting was moth-eaten day one. That's distasteful."
I move the speed of light and smack Cynthia. "No. Don't make me get your father, which I think I just told had to kill Marduk.... And Draconus, there is only one thing that is durable enough to keep safe from me. SUPER RAINBOW UNICORNS! I MUST CORRUPT THEM INTO SHADOW PEGASUS'S OF HELL!" I run off.
"Wait a minute, there was carpeting, I didn't order no carpeting? Oh well, we should be done with the new design in 1, 2, 3. Done, the new design is up." The new design was grand looking.

The woman sits back down. "Yep, that plot hole was from the future all right, crazy stuff. And I can't believe that Queen still tried to feed me creep, saying it was milk." She grabs SF. "Play nice."
I come back riding a black Pegasus with a mane of fire and crimson lines going across its body. "Don't know the meaning."
Cayl stands up. "Well, little Cynthia, you're all grown up. I remember fighting Marduk off to try and protect you and then your mother said it was ok."

*Sheaths Excalibur and returns to the pizza counter.* Pizza anyone?
"Yes and no knighty, you are forgetting that I came here through a portal, one from the future. And Raven, he is nice uncle to have, he is really stubborn and he doesn't want to show it. But he loves and cares for us."
"I don't know if I killed Zaros in the future, is your dad dead?"
"I don't know, he left and he didn't come back for us, never." There was a tear in her eye.
Cayl chuckles. "You mean to tell me that Shade and Marduk failed to mention that I just about took her head that day? Wow, they weren't as liberal with stories as I thought they would be."

*Begins work on a meatlovers.* Cayl, stop giving away the story.
"Then he probably died. Okay, I will probably change that so Zaros stays."
"It's ok, I am happy like a butterfly, insane as my mother. If he did die, then I'm glad." She was jumping through the air, she was then hanging on the chandelier upside down.
"You're glad that he died? He treasured you."
"He abandoned me later when I was growing up, things happened between mom and dad. It didn't turn out well. I hid, waiting for it to be over. There fighting made me scared."
"If you or your mother died he would've let the demon come back to him and destroy everything Dominion and Zerg. Trust me, because I created him."
She bit her lip, her teeth showing, some of them looked sharp. "HE HURT MOTHER THAT ONE DAY!" Her eyes were turning a bright purple. The blood from the bit lip was dripping down.
"He probably did not mean to. Not unless she was acting like a complete b!tch. Now, I think you may be accepting the demon a slight bit..."
"THERE IS NO DEMON! THIS ONLY HAPPENS WHEN I GET ANGRY!" She came down extremely fast and landed a kick while jumping off.
Cayl catches her foot and throws her into a wall, pinning her there with hurricane force winds. "Calm yourself, child! Your father had a demon that only surfaced when he was angry as well. You are plagued by it, I can feel it in your bones."

*Draws Excalibur.* Look, Cayl doesn't do that often, but when he does, you should listen to him.
"Guess it inhabited you because of you being the child of his last vessel."

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