Memorial Arena

Joeyray's Bar
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"LIES, ALL LIES!" She started to cry.

I was standing behind the counter, drinking a Scotty, "Good times." Takes another sip.
Cayl maintains the force, but get's closer. "Look, I helped him out once with that demon, best I could. You're showing the same signs he did when he was angry, I even see the crimson energy in your eyes. Now calm yourself and I'll let you down."
"Okay. I will show you one of the times he used the demon." A portal opens and Zaros stands there, his body covered in crimson. He blasts at a Dominion camp until it is but a smoking crater. "Zaros did that because the demon took him over. But if you want, I can change pretty much anything that Zaros did starting from he and your mom got back together. Anything else would cause too much change. Plus that stuff has already happened."
She started to cry harder and she sat down. "I JUST WANT TO FORGET HIM!" Her eyes turning back into a bright purple, her silver hair shining.

I grabbed a few bottles. "Does anyone want a drink and take a break? And none for the little one, underage."
"Look, Zaros cares about you. I think if he did harm your mother, he ended up going away to protect you two, fight to protect you against all odds, and died trying."
Cayl releases the wind. "Forgetting can be a horrible way to remember the good." He sits down and waves to CR. "I'll take a Scotty's."

*Sheaths Excalibur.* Here's your pizza, Cynthia. *Slides the meat lovers to her, I smiley face in the meat.*
I start torturing some people. "Strange how my characters are nothing like me..."
I nod in agreement. "Despite what you think, you were cared for well. Compared to many people here, you have it easy. Many of us would have killed for your childhood. My sister and I would have killed to know our real names."
I pour a shot of SCotty's and tosses it in the air, Cayl catches it.

Cynthia was looking at the pizza. "Thanks, I guess. It's just that, a persons pass can be terrible on a person, especially if it's a child." She takes a slice of pizza and starts to eat it.
"Even your own father would've preferred yours over his." I say. "He watched is parents eaten alive, and went through his teen years with no family at all. Your father had the worst childhood."
I wouldn't say that. Let's keep the gestalts in mind.
I sit and watch, mouth stretched open. "Is this...uh...normal?"
"And I forgot to tell you all, I ended up having Protoss appendages like mother, I didn't cut them off though, they look pretty with my hair." She was working on too her second slice. "The Khala is an interesting place."
"I cut myself off because everyone kept nagging me when I was about to do something."
I pull mine from their usual place behind my neck. "I know what you mean." Umbra shakes her head, and pulls her appendages free. "It's helping me get over my fears. Just feeling all those minds, teeming with activity is a welcome sensation. Brother finally taught me."
"HA HA, they don't nag me, well then again they are scared of me also, but they are also proud of me, or is that fear, or is that love. I don't know."
The twenty year old Zaros walks into the arena. As I approach him he shoots me in the face. "I do not want to be tortured by you again."
"This is what I hate about it. People like him don't want me doing anything." I say.
I glace jealously around at the various half-alien customers.

Then I remember that there's a crazy 16-year-old girl nearby and sliiiiiide over next to her, smoothly knocking over another table like James Bond.
"Hey there, can I get you a drink?"
I whisper to Zaros, "That's Cynthia..."
"Oh hell no." He walks over to Cynthia. "Hey Cynthia."

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