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Joeyray's Bar
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Umbra smacks yoki. "I was passed up to allow this one her uncle. You're not gonna do a thing to mess her up."
"One second." She stand up and she hugs Zaros, she then socks him in the face. "I feel better now." She sits down. "I can't drink, not old enough."
"Okay, that hurt, why did you hit me in the face?" Zaros asks.
"There only needs to be one more person for this to get a little stranger." I look at Crymson. "Bring her now, or the arena shall become a nuclear crater."
I stare angrily at Umbra, then think better of arguing, remembering that there's a "Random Torture Cage" in this place.

I turn back to the girl. "Riiiiiight, I knew that. Could I get you a pizza or something instead?"
"Come on SF you wouldn't?!" Mumbling I do it. "There, Shade is on her way."

Shade entered the arena and saw Zaros with another woman. "Who is this?"

Cynthia was talking to Zaros. "I just felt like doing that, you hurt mom, you then left us. But they manage to talk me into some more positive thoughts, even if I wanted to smash your face in. And I'm fine, I already have a pizza."
Cayl punts SF into the arena with a group of hungry roaches. "NO NUKES!!!" Then turns to yoki and pulls out his halberd. "Step away from the 16 year old, and no one gets hurt." He ignites the edge of the blade with white flame.

*Laughing.* That's what I would have done.
Zaros glares at yoki. "Hey Shade. Turns out this is our daughter. Okay, now that I know I did that, I won't."
I climb out with my nuclear reactor in my pocket. "Oh I will, I have a nuclear reactor and a nuclear missile in my pocket."
Kentel walks over to Cynthia.
[Remember, because Raven and Shade lived on the Vengeance at one point, and they were treated well due to Raven's status as Umbra's comfort blanket, Kentel was basically the babysitter whenever Cynthia had no one else to watch her.]
"Little one! How go things? Not still a mischievous rascal, are we?"
Shade sat down in shock. "What do you mean shes our daughter, our daughter is still little."

Cynthia laughed. "A plot hole was created in the future and it dropped me off here. And Kental I am doing really good. And maybe I am maybe I ain't." She smiled.
I recoil from the many glares and swords pointed my way. "All right, all right, I'm sorry, I'll leave..."
I walk over to Draconus. "I get the feeling I missed something important about this girl, no?"
"Yeah." Zaros says. I start approaching the group when I get shot in the face by Zaros again. "I really hate him."
He laughs, his human upper body switching to a more casual green T-shirt with the Poltergeist Mercenaries logo. "By the way, young one, did you take my mirror when you left? I can't seem to find it."
"What mirror, is it the one that looks all fancy and decorative, then yes I took it. I couldn't resist, it was pretty." Cynthia was upside down on the chandelier again, swinging back and forth, laughing.

Shade stood up and walked to the bar. "I need the strongest thing you got, that escalated quickly."

"Coming right up ma'am." I start making the drink.
*I motion yoki over, a bowl of SuperNova wings on the counter.* She's the daughter of two powerful psionics, and two protective ones at that.
He grabs the girl, giving her a noogie. "I got that mirror stolen off Korhal! It's the most expensive thing I owned! Give it!" He yells playfully, his indignation being circumvented by how much he cares for Cynthia.
I slide over to Zarkun, (this time not knocking anything over) eyeing the wings with the look one would give an enemy Baneling. "Wow. Thanks for the info..."
"You got that damn right Zarkun. Now I would like a human flesh pie." I say.
Cynthia was dangling from up there. "Ok." She rifted away and brought the mirror back in a second. "Shhh, don't tell anyone that I copied it from her, I made it way more effective also. And here is the mirror, no scratches at all."
Wait, I'm confused. Is this the same place as Zanon's bar too?
"Kinda. Would you like a Mind Shredder?" He he he.

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