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Why would the prison need a scientist?
Remember SF, you are a prisoner still, so you wont be able to get out until something happens.

SF=Made deranged scientist that is in prison, he is currently locked up in one of the most dangerous spots of the asylum.

I might think about it SF about the water slide, and why Omegalisk?

Duke, he is in the prison, he is locked up in the asylum, crazy mad deranged scientist.
"Umm, because I, uh, I KNOW! Sponsored it so I could do experiments. Now, go away." I grow twenty knife wielding tentacles. "Or I will stab you. And Crymson, because, HBRBs asylum had it, duh."
When will you create the thread CR?

*pulls out a roll of duct tape and wraps SF's mouth with it.*
I stab Duke twenty times. The duct tape dissolves. "Do you NOT see the FUTILITY!"
This is my excuse for it, the crazy scientist got loose once and we talked him into it if we put a water slide from his cell to a exact replica of a Omegalisk pit. There is no way out of either unless the warden says so.

So pretty much you can't escape unless I trigger it in the RP.

I am still coming out with the idea Duke, and I have my first day of school tomorrow.
*pulls knives out of chest*
I am immortal as well!
*looks at port*
*proceeds to bite SF*

Aw, I remember school. I hated it!
"Please take the fighting outside before I make sweet love with your dead body."
I dissolve Duke. "Now, now. It will take you a while to regenerate from that."
smylez, I am creating a prison/asylum RP.
*my entity goes into SF's ear, and I sing teletubies*

Yep, It's going to be cool indeed.
What the?
I capture the entity in a hamster ball and roll it down the sewers.
I start dancing around. "WEEEEEEEEEE!" I grab a gun and start shooting the walls! "SO FUN!"
*An alligator in the sewers bites it open and it go back and rematerialize.*
I'll have some tea please.
*I activate personal space mode*

*I drink my tea, and step on smylzs toes*
Now that, was an accident.
What the hell happened in here already?!
I start building a Hybrid from spare Protoss and Zerg body parts.
SF wants to drop a Hybrid on me from space D:

anyway, I got 30 second before he does and, What will smylez be?
I think you should get your own thread, CR.

Duke, I know you are trashing the bar with SF, but don't make me turn you into a prisoner that just had his liver and kidney ripped out of him.

I know Drac, but Duke and SF aren't listening, I already told them that this wasn't the thread.

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