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I have, as I often do, been reading the forums of this game, Diablo 3, and WoW. I often do this as a source of amusement. However, this amusement is starting to decline. Why? Because reading the forums of other games, I see people also doing the same thing they do here: Complain. This made me think, and I slowly realized that these forums are not where people with no lives who have nothing to do better than complain about a video game dwell. No, these forums were at large a reflection of civilization in general (first world countries at least. People in America, Canada, and western Europe complain despite there not being much to complain about in their country besides the obviously messed up stuff).

You see, the thing about lot of video games made in the past decade is that a majority of the major "blockbuster" ones as they are called, are sequels. In fact, Blizzard is the master of making these kinds of games because in truth they haven't released an original game since the release of the original Starcraft in 1998. Every single game they have made since that date has been a sequel (And yes I do know they are making a possible new MMO that is not based off an already existing franchise). In these sequels they pretty much retain the gameplay of the original with some tweaks (some tweaks minor others major). Other companies have started doing it with their games too. There are now 7 or so Call of Duty games, multiple Battlefield games, about a million Final Fantasy games...the list goes on.

One could conclude a few things from the fact that a lot of people complain about these games yet still buy and play them at the same time. Either people are brainwashed into buying the same thing over and over again, or the more likely people are all just spoiled brats who want a game that you pretty much rule over (I think people would still complain about this because that game is called Skyrim and there are some people who still find something to complain about in a game where you practically are a god). In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with the video games because they are all the same thing as before and when you buy it the developers making it assume that they did it right. Now some video game sequels or spin-offs have been made that are actually pretty terrible and the reason the end up being so is that publishers (and possibly dev teams) have realized that if they throw the name Halo or Call of Duty or Warcraft in front of something people will eat it up. Halo 4 could be about a bunch of girls in bikini's playing beach volleyball and it would probably still sell a million copies.

I think the reason people are complaining about the video games a lot these days not because they suck, but because quite frankly...they are all started to get boring. They are all becoming the same thing over and over again, and the human mind only can do so many repetitive tasks before it snaps. Instead of turning to violence gamer's flock to the forums of a game to write lengthy posts about how much that game sucks or whatever...then they seem to just go back to playing that game because they don't know what else to do. Well, I'll give a suggestion. Go outside and breathe the fresh air. Take a break from video games for a day or two, or however long you feel like.

TLDR version: The reason you are complaining about a game is you are bored so go find something else to do for a while.
People have always complained in gaming forums about games since the beginning of time. Regardless how good they are. Not to sure why this leads to believe that games are getting boring. Maybe you are just getting bored of games. Or maybe you want to start a heated discussion for your amusement. I dunno.
Well ideas are beginning to get similar since the plane of creativity shrinks each day. I mean, doesn't Black Ops 2 remind you of Metal Gear Solid 4 (come on, giant unmanned robots?!?)?
1) The gamers that go on forums tend to be neurotic (and find more faults in games) or at the very least more detail-oriented and prone to focusing on small problems rather than the big picture

2) Liked your point about how its not fault of the gamers, but a reflection of our society/civilization—especially in regards to the commercialization of everything, hence watering down products to appeal to the lowest common denominator—there is probably a formula used by game developing companies along the lines of

Sell game as long as the sense of enjoyment slightly outweighs the games' flaws.
By that I mean a lot of these games do have significant flaws (ie Black Ops glitches), but they are still fun enough that you just narrowly decide to overlook them. So game developers don't need to make a great game, they just need to make one decent enough that you will buy it and play it until DLC refreshes your interesting and their profit margins

3) Not quite sure that you can conclude games are getting bored based upon your previous paragraphs—not saying I agree/disagree, just not sure you can conclude this based on your first 3 paragraphs. I understand why due to all the sequels, but you have to remember people play certain games for years. People also spends years of their lives working, sometimes the same jobs. Granted, in both cases, they do complain, but I don't know if its boredom. Personally, I'd peg gaming disatisfaction being due to not getting the full gaming experience.

4) interestingly, I plan to "come inside" and start playing Sc2 again (I quit a year or two ago) instead of go outside and get fresh air. I haven't gamed much in the past couple years aside from angry birds and the occasional Halo largely cause I couldn't find an immersive game. I think this is the problem. Most games nowadays are made for profit not cause the developers truly have a passion to do so (ie 10 years Blizz might design a unit based on creativity, now they might design a unit based on market appeal).

When games(also movies/books/music) are made for profit, they appeal to people in a technical sense (they follow the rules of a successful game, cough Cod clones cough), but not in a deeper sense. Don't ask me about what exactly makes a game immersive, can't say for sure (maybe no one can). But I think many games lack that immersive feel, which is why instead of being totally sucked into the experience, people tend to have partial fun, while noticing the flaws or problems of the game.
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TLDR version: The reason you are complaining about a game is you are bored so go find something else to do for a while.

People mostly complain about games to either: Gain reassurance they aren't alone in the frustration or possibly get something done about it (such as a bug/feature fixed/changed.)

A majority of the posts don't involve people saying they're bored.
While I enjoyed reading your post, I strongly disagree with your reasoning. I would attribute the rise in volume of complaints to people becoming harder to please. What has happened in the industry is that games have evolved and pushed the bounds of what we consider to be amazing so much so, that people are no longer easily impressed. Whats far more disconcerting is the fact that game companies are actually very close to their potential. Think about it, with the huge amount of games produced over years and years, and all the new things that have already been accomplished what more can they really do? And that is why they have ventured outside of just producing great games, they have even tried to be immersive with all this movement technology in an attempt to redifine and captivate the industry. Think about how much time it now takes to create a new and good game. It use to be half a year to maybe 1 and a half years. Now, 3 years is a short amount of time. Think about that. Or what about how many studious work on an ip at a single moment. Remember when before you played a game you only saw one studio and the game would start? Now you see at least 3 studios. Now you couple all this with the fact that now, people have a voice. People can express their opinions and shape games. And you my friend have a case scenario that has become so expansive, that there is simply no way that realistically any company can make a game that won't recieve an incessant amount of complaints. I really enjoyed reading your post.

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