Most OP unit in the game?

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All units are not created even.

The Roach, Marine, Infestor, Sentry and many others get complained about constantly.
So just for curiosities sake in your opinion what unit is the most op on each race and overall.

For me

Toss: Sentry
Terran: Medavic
Zerg: Infestor
Overall: Infestor
Wow. You have horrible choices... Everyone knows it's the marine.
Toss: None
Terran: Marine
Zerg: None
Overall: Marine
toss: colossus
terran: none
zerg : GG lords and infestors
overall : GG lords and infestors
This thread again?

This is just a bunch of people stating a unit of a race they do the worst against.
Queens. Think about it.
Drones. Think about it.
08/22/2012 03:29 PMPosted by Metal
Drones. Think about it.

Queen boosts drone production!

08/22/2012 03:33 PMPosted by gerdro

Yaaaay queens!
08/22/2012 03:33 PMPosted by gerdro

larvae op, nurf it blizz.

seriously though no unit is op, well none that are made.
Colossus are super vulnerable to AA
Marines are made of tissue paper
Infestors don't have attacks (fungal is op but that's a ability)

I'd argue broodlings are op. For a costless unit they are buff as hell.
Most OP unit in the game, is the gamer.
Larvae, Mules, warpgates
Mineral Fields.
Larvae, Mules, warpgates

I don't believe warpgates are units good sir, but they are structures.

08/22/2012 03:45 PMPosted by Robotix
Mineral Fields.

not a unit fellow.

another OP unit:Automatron 2000. Come on he never loses, even when he blows up.
Zerg: Drones
Terran: SCVs
Protoss: Probes
Overall: Drones
How do you think you get the resources to get those super powerful units?
Zerg - Stephano
Terran - MarineKing
Protoss - None.
Overall - Random
zerg: hydra
protoss: carrier
terran: reaper

Wait, is this the thread about the most UP units?
Zerg - Stephano
Terran - MarineKing
Protoss - None.
Overall - Random

I dunno, I think I'd rate Taeja above MarineKing (as much as I really enjoyed watching his playstyle). Taeja's a beast.

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