Academy Match: Calek vs. Kasora

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Done :3 I finally made it.

What does "Kythinos(?) Carapace" do again?
Adds more HP, attacks are reduced in damage
Hehehe. Face the Labyrinth. (See Hale Carmine vs. Bryan "Shade" Ravius)
Well. This is interesting.
The Labyrinth.

.=path -=wall

Oh, and one neutral onlooker may spawn a SC1 Infested Terran anywhere on the map.
Fun Fun. Wonder who that maybe, or even more intriguing is to where they spawn it.
"I want to be that onlooker. Because I like making things go boom."
Kroger posted before you. His decision.
"NOOOOOOOOO! Well, I want to at least to be allowed to control how the Infested Terran wanders around after it is spawned."
Don't worry SF I have a plan. I also like explosions. Fire as well. Also sharp shiny knifes. But anyway I have a plan.
"YOU ALSO LIKE SHARP SHINY OBJECTS, FIRE, AND EXPLOSIONS!" I pull out a very shiny knife that is covered in fire and I stab it into someone then pull it out and they explode. "Wow, I cannot believe I wasted so much time making that."
I wonder- are you going to wait until they're right next to each other, then drop the IT on both of them, to force a draw?

Because if you do, my coin awaits.
"Or when one is retreating drop it in front of their retreat point causing them to run to what they were retreating from?"
I'd make 11 hallucinations of it and scatter them all throughout the maze.
Well my job includes 2 of those and explosions aren't either of them. As I said before I have a plan.
08/22/2012 10:54 PMPosted by LeKroger
Well my job includes 2 of those and explosions aren't either of them. As I said before I have a plan.
"Wait, what, an explosive unit and not even make it explode?"
No my actual job irl. But those are just parts of the job I still have to cook things so they are edible.
"Is that a cooking metaphor?"
No I am a cook. Hoping to eventually continue my degree in the Culinary arts. As for now though I work two jobs. Not much time there for school.
"Oh. I only know how to make chicken, sausages, soup, beans, mini ravioli, etc."

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