Academy Match: Calek vs. Kasora

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Yeah there is much I can do but still way way more that I can learn.
We might want to move this to the Bar Fury.
"One little sentence can derail a thread so easily... I cannot believe how easily people are distracted by little things to no longer to pay attention to the main reason/purpose."
Thus is one of the many purposes of KitchenCraft. Anyway I will have to keep an eye on the thread. I have and explosive zerg to unleash at the right time.
Thank you LeKroger q.q

Thank you so much....

If SF had gotten the IT, I would die instantly XD

He wants me to die after I made him esplode :P
"Actually I would just put it when it would help get the match over quickest."
The match is over quickest if you slam a 900 damage explosive into my face XD

Or smylez's.
"Yes, I will do it when I see most strategic. But LeKroger is the one with the responsibility." I give a very pouty face.
the lurker spawns at the southern sides. It moves up, then left, then all the way up until it sees a path going north and another going east.
I spawn at the Northern edge of the labyrinth, and begin slithering up a wall, my pointed legs assisting.
The lurker burrows and heads east.
"And the Infested Terran appears on top of Kasora and explodes, good game guys."

For a second I thought you were serious. Then I remembered LeKroger had it XD
"Yeah, but I want to control where it walks, so even if LeKroger spawns it, I make it run at Kasora or you at full speed."
I can stun it :D

And so can Kasora :P

Unless it has Frenzy >.>

This will be hilarious XD
"What makes you think it doesn't have Frenzy, it is a suicide bomber that wants to blow both you and it up."
It probably does have Frenzy actually :\

So we just have to stun the other first XD

Here are the stats:

Kasora <Lurker> (200 HP, 320 energy)
Armament- Subterranean Spines {9 range, 52 damage}, Needle Spines {5 range, 14 damage}, Sickle Claws {Melee, 36 damage}
--Burrow movement (<Passive>), Subterranean Detection (<Passive>), Double Take, Maelstrom <Lockdown on bio>, Entangle, Kythinos Carapace
>>Xiuhcoatl the Nydus>>Roalisk

Calek <Hydralisk, Lurker, Spectre> (100 HP, 800 energy)
Armament- Needle Spines {5 range, 12 damage}, Scythe {Melee, 12 damage}, Subterranean Spines {9 range, 15 damage (x2 vs Armored)}
Abilities- Burrow Movement(<Passive>), Psionic Lash, Ultrasonic Pulse, Frenzy, Caster Love, Rapid Regeneration
>>Siege Tank>>Void Ray

I hope he doesn't notice *naughty face*
the lurker heads north burrowed on the right most path.
Alright time for the Infested Terran (SC1) to spawn. It spawns in the center of the map.
By the way, Nikola, I shall help you. I'm still upset at having been one shotted by a coin.

But your box is a dirigible XD



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