PanKoprulu Academy 16

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OOC: All of the finalists are Zerg XD For the Swarm!

And Draconus, which sponsor would lead to greatest amount of abilities or energy? I'm guessing either Dani or Umbra.

IC: "Hello, Cayl. I.... am not sure what has happened recently. Has someone new joined? A sense another mind in the Academy.....other than Shade, of course."
I eat a couple fries then nod. "Yeah, we got a couple new people. One of them thinks he's better then us cause he's mostly Protoss. Arrogant prick"
That's just it. Each sponsor has a pre-decided gift.

And KO, what on Earth are you doing?
That's just it. Each sponsor has a pre-decided gift.

And KO, what on Earth are you doing?
"Making it easier to get down to earth...? And Draconus, the technicians aren't on earth, so you should be asking something else."
"Well, that makes two Protoss students, the one in my room, and the one who knows Shadow. But *mostly* Protoss? What is his other part?"
"Seems to be a very violent Zerg. Left a spike in my bed cause I had a miss fire and blew up one of his scout's engines."
"Zerg? Then he seems to be the only un-refined Zerg here if that was their reaction. And if I know you at all, it wasn't a misfire."
"Ok, a little bit of fun. But, I cleared it with Shadow first."
I have two repeating Protoss characters- Zeradarix, ambassador for the Madness Coalition, and Alnarak, my lead technician.
I hope smylez doesn't notice that one thing in the stats I posted. It will be hilarious if he doesn't XD
Again I ask Draconus. When we visit for upgrades can we only visit once, ie I visit the first day and then cannot visit any of the following days.
He said that we can visit him each day, but we only get either the weapon or the ability, can't have both.
That is what I was wanting to know. Thank you,

I decide to meditate on the roof. It is quiet and peaceful for now. I find a spot in the sun and begin my meditation.
Alnarak finishes packing. "Okay, Shadow, I'll be practicing my dancing for 70's night!" He walks away.

Does this mean what it could? Yes.
I shake Shade's shoulder a little. "Hey, when are you going to let Brian down?"
Brian continues to struggle.

70's dancing?

Dear beluga no...
I choose Kojak as my sponsor XD
I walk towards Shadow's office when I run into Alnarak. "Oh, hey there. Never seen you before. I'm Cayl. Who are you?"

OOC: Can I get a list of Zerg abilities and specific melee weapons?
Any ability of an in-game Zerg unit, and any melee weapon, ie clubs, shields, etc.

IC:Alnarak stops.."I am Alnarak, lead technician and maintenance man for Shadow. You're his student, right?"
Hmmmm....I think I'll take dual katanas >_<. Or maybe something dirks...Ah screw it, I'll take the katanas.

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