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08/23/2012 01:14 PMPosted by Zarkun
dual katanas
I don't like any other kind of sword though...I guess I could get a battle axe...nah, sorry, but katanas it is. Plus it will give Zaros a sparring partner.
dual katanas

And Abel was the spear/polearm master until Cayl showed up!
It doesn't matter, multiple people can use the same weapons.
"I will shall destroy Cayl..." A nuke goes off inside Cayls head. "Okay. He's dead."
After a few minute of meditation I leave the roof and make my way through the dorms. I see Cayl talking to a protoss. I decide to see whats going on.

"Hey Cayl whats up."
I turn to the Protoss. "I don't think I've met you before. You work for Shadow?"
The brown-and orange mottled skin is matched by a medium brown tunic and slacks getup with a blue cobra logo. "Yes. I am responsible for keeping his inventions in good repair, and suggesting improvements."
I'll take Plague for my new ability. Should prove quite useful later. Note that ability is for Flint.

Also people please post stats for your abilities or weapons so Draconus can approve and I can then repost it to the proper character. In Academy format please.

IC: "Interesting."

I grow bored of watching this ones struggles. I decide to go find Flint or one of the others. I leave the infirmary I decloak. I walk into the dorms hoping to find someone else that may prove to be interesting. I see Cayl, Flint, and a Protoss standing together. "Hey Flint and Cayl. What you guys up to."

I turn to greet Jessica. "Not much Talking to Shadows Technician."
I follow Cayl to where he is talking to a Protoss that I assumed was Alnorak.

"May I join into this conversation?"
The Protoss shakes hands with those present. "I assume you all know why we're out on that trip, right?"
"Of course. I have all that I would need on the Vengeance already."
(actually scratch one of the abilites, I want to get a weapon.)
08/23/2012 09:23 AMPosted by Draconus
And KO, what on Earth are you doing?

We find it necessary to alter your storyline slightly... Shadow.

The skies rumble, darkness encroaches.


That was close. I almost broke the Four- Umph!

Shut up, fool. Agent Shadow, we are making some harmless modifications to prevent you and your students from being incinerated. It will also provide you with the unique experience of seeing Earth during the twenty-first century. This equipment will allow us to alter the plot as you leave the Academy.
Zara'kal walks to the center of the Hanger, and draws his sickles again. He closes his eyes, and the other creates a battlefield in his mind for him to do hand-to-hand. He starts his practice, choosing a style to deal with larger enemies in close combat.
If that's the case, then Shadow. We better switch our clothes to that century. All Akia has are ghost suits. Raven was stating.
"Shade, about Brian. When are you going to let him down, I think he starting to go insane..."
"Would you like more tea mister imagine?" Brian starts saying along with many more things that make no sense for Brian's personality.
I looked at Zaros. "Ok, but just for you." Some tendrils appeared and dropped Brian down, he landed on his head.
Brian falls unconscious from the force. "Oh no, the sky is falling!" He says before he hits the ground.
"Yeah, I bet I am going to regret this soon enough though." I say. I sit down. I expended too much energy on controlling the Roach to get my stuff back.
If that is the case, I plan on finding a specific person. My course will be set over California, and my business will be completed that much more easily.
"Wait..... I wonder how they will react to several insectoid aliens who can control things with their minds...."

OOC: ._.

This will get awkward.
That's why I chose California. Nothing was weird in California in the 21st Century.

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