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Wait, if we go to Earth when it is in the 21st century how would Shadow's person be there when he is in a different century.
Basically, he has read up on someone who can help.
I check if I put my hostile environment suit in the bag. I did. I decide to get some sleep.
Still lost.
And Jessica will acquire dual Kaiser Blades that she had taken from an ultralisk corpse. Figured it would be good for something different from most others. Damage 7x2 range melee. Now for Draconus's input on it.
I see a Protoss and go over to him. "Hey there."
OOC: "I want implosion, 75 energy and instantly destroys any mechanical unit. Bye, bye people who use mechanical vehicles against Zaros."
OOC: Planned on getting a upgrade for telepathy, so he can manipulate more objects
No, no hero abilities it seems. Ok, Ill think of something else.

Edit: All right, got an idea.

Enhanced Telepathy: Able to manipulate two objects at a time

Broodling Spawn(Passive, from Broodlords.): Spawns a broodling that fights for the user. Can only have three out, and are replaced almost instantly after death.
Raven shall get a BIO BOMB! *Evil laughter*

Not sure what to do with Shade though? Might just give her a !@#$ ton of passives that make her better.
This is going to be fun... 21 century California.
"Ya, in fact, I heard Shadow say you could give us a new ability or weapon. You got twin katanas?"

I walk towards the clumping of people. "New weapons? Intriguing. If you could, I'd like a sample of BW-infested Terran."
Kaiser blades check out.
Implosion isn't a unit ability, jackass, it's a hero ability.
Bio bomb isn't on any unit in the Zerg Swarm.
ITs are a unit, not an ability- unless you want Infest Command Center.
I'll take twin katanas {13 damagex2 attacks}.
Alright I will update accordingly. Also for Flint's new ability Plague, it cost 100 energy last 20 seconds and has a 3.0 AoE can kill as well.
Actually will update when I get back.
"Hmm, I don't want a new weapon, but nor do I want a Zerg ability. Because most don't fit in with Zaros."
I will have Rapid Regen :3

My plan is all coming together now....
OOC: Kinda a dumb question, but did Zara'kal get the message to visit Alnorak for abilities and weapons?

IC: Zara'kal stops training for a few seconds to check where everyone was. To his suprise, some were gathering in place, crowding near another Protoss. He heads there, out of curiosity.
Drac, wfawwer wants Spawn Infested Terran from the Infestor.
Where is wfawwer going to find a command center?

Raven shall take, Dark Cloud, or whatever it was called.
Dark Swarm, you mean?
Erm, okay. Most of this pans out.
It's meant to be a plot point, Jester. Basically, if you find an excuse, it can happen.
How's my katanas look?

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