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So HBRB asked me to post this. It's a brilliant idea and he hopes you'll join. I am.

-Each person is their own mech pilot.

-Each mech is fully customizable, and parts would be based off of those from SCII units.

-Each pilot belongs to a faction/corporation. I want a good number of these, possibly six.

>Mobius: Specialize in Energy weaponry and efficiency. Mechs belonging to this company would have prolonged flight capabilities and enhanced energy weapon usage. Missions would generally include working alongside the Dominion and scientific research.

> Umojans: Good balanced mech types, favoring Armor over Agility. They have very good short-range weapons, ranging from short range explosives to energy swords and titanium shields.

> Zerg Swarm: Organic-infused parts allow for regeneration of health, though with a lack of mobility. They have very high attack rate but their damage is subpar. Zerg units are at odds with the Dominion, but may find allies with the Raiders if needed.

> Dominion: Provide heavy, bulky, armored mechs. Large and intimidating, these guys will screw you over if you get within firing range. Slow as hell though, mainly rely on using their power to their advantage. Mainly use bazookas and missiles.

> Spectres: The Mercenary class of the group, they were hired out by the Umojans to lend a hand. This doesn't mean that they won't fight for others if they can offer a better price. The main exporter of Snipers and all other kinds of highly accurate weaponry. Lightly Armored Mechs, but high damage and high range.

>Raynor's Raiders: No one is really sure how they got involved in this, but they are a force to be reckoned with. Lacking expertise in mechs, they made up for it with ingenuity and a good deal of spying. The jack-at-all-trades, they do not have the infrastructure needed to support mech weaponry. Hence, weapons received for the Raiders will be stolen from others and gained through missions. This comes at the tradeoff of being extremely versatile in weapon choice.

-Parts would be unlocked from other factions as you progressed through the story, on basis of affiliations from other companies. For the independent factions (Raiders & Zerg) parts would come in from all but total enemies (Dominion for Raiders, and Mobius for Zerg) and would be in lesser quantities.

-Currency would be given for completion of a mission, and funds will be distributed equally, although total costs for repairs and ammunition would be deducted automatically.


Mech Name:
Appearance: (MUST BE HUMAN)
Weapons on hand:
Ties to other factions: (This is something where, even though one is affiliated with one faction, they can get missions/parts from a single other faction)
Fighting Style:

DO NOT PICK YOUR MECH WEAPONS! You will be provided with a list.
I will join, but I will wait until I get back from school tomorrow, ok?
Ok, well, this is actually just to see how many people will join.
"Damn, either Mobius or Spectres. Though I know this is based off of Armored Core."
This does look like a good idea, and one that would be even better if it was made into a custom map! (don't look at me)

How about a Protoss faction or two? You said that you want at least 6 factions?
Name: Luke Bishop
Age: 28
Faction: Umojan Protectorate
Out of mech weapons: Hand gun. I like mobility while out of mech.
Apperance: Dark, thick, straight hair that comes to the eyebrows. Dark eyebrows and a small but muscular build.
Backstory: Wrongly accused of being a murderer so was forced to join the dominion. Luke enjoys fighting to defend his homeworld.
I'll talk to HBRB later. I gotta go for a bit.

@Mark: Out of Mech Weapons means what do you prefer when not piloting.
Name: Victor Forsin
Age: 21
Out of Mech Weapons: FN92 Rifle
Appearance: Blonde hair, green eyes, tanned skin. Has a mid muscular build.
A Spectre who was especially good at functioning technology.

Mech Name: Fear Striker

Mech Weapon: A long energy blade that is rainbow colored!

Mech Appearance: A long legged and long armor Mech with a very Aerodynamic head and torso. Painted black and crimson.

Mech Armor, Engine, Jet, etc.: A powerful engine allowing for fast movement as well as light armor. The jet is powerful allowing it to maneuver easily. Head has night vision.
Name: Anthony Evan Cortez
Age: 27
Faction: Raiders [on a mission from Poltergeist Mercenaries }:D]
On-foot weapons- Duorifle, pistol, cavalry sword
Mech Weapons: Devastator Railgun (anti-ground), Gemini Missiles (anti-air)
Self- Short black hair, slate gray eyes (usually hidden behind aviator shades), light skin tone, short and stringy. Tattoo on right bicep of a coiled cobra. Always wearing skull-handled knife on a necklace. Triple scar, crescent moon-shaped above left eye. Dresses in heavy leather jacket, shirt with vertical red and black stripes, and cargo jeans.
Mech- six legged walker, sideways-J-shaped cockpit. Painted black, legs are spidery and silver. Approximately 12 feet in height. Electric blue coiled cobra painted on door.
08/23/2012 07:44 PMPosted by Zarkun
@Mark: Out of Mech Weapons means what do you prefer when not piloting.

Every time I think I am no longer a noob I do something stupid. >_<
Don't worry everyone makes mistakes. I catch myself making plenty of them.
Want a good laugh look at previous RP's I have been in starting with Z+Z 5. My grammar was terrible then.
Name: Gordon Hammond
Age: 28
Faction: Raynor's Raiders
Out of mech weapons: Model 95 Derringer
Appearance: Dark Grey eyes, and short brown hair. No scars or other easily distinguishing markings. Just a centimeter or two under average height. Wears a small rist device that gives him limited control of his mech when out of it.
Backstory: Ex-merc. His employment was 'terminated' during the slow time after the Brood wars. (The person sent to 'inform' Gordon of his termination never reported back) He was able to get away with his mech. Fortunately for him, the merc. company he worked for didn't feel that the risk was worth sending someone else from 'labor management' to ensure that his employment's termination was official. Mechs are expensive after all.
Gordon fell in with the raiders shortly there after. Fortunately for him, the Raiders have not hired any mercs from his old group.
This sounds quite fun :3 I'm glad HBRB is still participating in the forums :D

Name: Trelok
Mech Name: Trelok's Mech (:P)
Age: No reason to put this
Faction: Zerg (FOR THE SWARM!)
Mech Weaponry: Biological Bombardment Cannon, Multiple Scythe-Ended Arms, Needle-Spine Launchers, Tentacles, Acid Sprayers
Out of mech weapons: Small Biological Explosives, Claws, Jaws, Needle Spines
Mech Appearance: Large and bulky, covered in various living organisms and tentacles, supported by many spider-like legs.
Apperance: Hydralisk. Nuff said.
Backstory: A mech was captured from the Dominion. It was assimilated. I got put in it.
08/24/2012 04:38 AMPosted by Nikola
(DAMNIT BRAIN! I ran out of idea juice >.>)

Recharge it with popsicles.


Zerg Swarm.

Name: Skrgrga.

Age: Doesn't matter and nobody cares anyways.


Out of mech weapons: Claws and venomous fangs, as well as Irritating Spines (rapid attack speed, 5 range, low damage, slows attack and move speed).

Appearance: Large Zergling/Spider with opposable thumbs and long fangs. Back has a cluster of hair that can be flung like that of a tarantula.

Backstory: Skrgrgra is one of those Zerg thingies. Not much of a backstory here... Maybe I'll manage to squeeze in the Brotherhood.
Yeah, I'm being Zerg :3

You'll all make a certain Changeling very happy.
"Okay, Mobius or Spectres for me? Spectres I want a long retractable extremely sharp neo-steel blade, a long range rifle, a Gatling gun, and a missile launcher.

For Mobius I want a energy rifle, a laser Gatling gun, a plasma cannon, and a plasma missile launcher.

Which, should, I, choose."
I say Mobius.

Fast mechs are always the answer :P
"No. I am going Spectre. I like swords, Mobius mech should not have a sword. I am going Spectre, and I can always charge a probably 3 yard large blade with Psionic energy if I am a Spectre. So editing is coming in."
Good choice.

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