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Name: Raven
Mech Name: Raven's Nest
Age: 28
Faction: Spectre
Out of mech weapons: Twin katanas, twin 8 shot revolvers
Apperance: Dark brown hair, Hazel eyes, 6 feet tall, Muscular build, weighs about 185. Wears leather armor with a cloak.
Backstory: Joined up with the spectres cause of their weaponry choice. Arrived here from a ruined Earth controlled by manipulative corporations, hearing things were more interesting.
I edited in the mech stuff to my post :3
I added it to mine cause I've played Armored Core and all my mechs were named.
I have never heard of "Armored Core". What is it? Other than the obvious fact that it is a mech battling game.
"Yeah, I wish my friend had given me his Armored Core 4 when his Playstation broke. MY guy was always fast and always had at least one blade. My weakness was Gatling cannons. DAMN YOU RAPID FIRE WEAPONRY! DAMN YOU TO HELL!"
Lol, it's the other part of this RP. Look up videos on Youtube Nik.
OOC: Can we consider adding a UED Remnant or Umoja faction?
I'll throw Ideas at HBRB once he gets on DA.
Here's my idea:

UED Mech: Minimal weapons, but are fast, and their pilots are veterans of conflict(No idea what this could do)

Umoja: Less starting weapons, but they have better armor and don't suffer from being slower.
Like I said, I'll throw em at UBD, aka HBRB when he gets on.
08/24/2012 08:48 AMPosted by Jester
Umoja: Less starting weapons, but they have better armor and don't suffer from being slower.

08/24/2012 08:48 AMPosted by Jester
UED Mech: Minimal weapons, but are fast, and their pilots are veterans of conflict

I go better weapons & Less armor.
Not only does this make them polar opposites of Raynor's Raiders, it makes sense that the UED would have better weapons tech because they could but more funds into R&D while not at war.
Name: D. "Silent" Droves

Age: 20

Appearance: Prefers to keep his face hidden behind iron mask that allows him to have HUB
active. Wears a duster coat with bag-ish jeans and boots.

Faction: Mobius

Out-of-Mech Weapons: Machete

Mech Weapons:
-Two rail guns on each shoulder that can double as a jetpack. One mode can only be active at a time.
-Prototype shield generator. Can recharge, but the railguns can't be used while doing so.
-Has a regeneration core in his mech, but it's only only usable out of combat due to it's energy consumption and leaves him extremely vulnerable.
-Power cells that recharge over time. Currently has four in total. Each energy equipment consumes one cell, while the regeneration core requires all four to be charged. An EMP can be used to drain all of the cells and make them recharge slower for a short amount of time.

Mech Details:

A marine like mech with its cockpit in the head/upper torso area. Operates like a marine suit, but it also has controls in various parts to control the weapons. Powerful and resourceful, but weaker than most mechs if the power cells are drained.
HBRB wants you to wait on weapons.
Naitsrich, you are completely right concerning weakness without battery power.
Even your weapons need batteries to function.
I am thinking about another female character, what can I say, I'm bored?

Name: Miranda Davis
Age: 18
Faction: Raider's
Out of mech weapons: Machine Pistol for now, she keeps it under a dashboard inside the mech.
Appearance: Auburn hair that touches her shoulder, has hazel eyes. Athletic build. She mostly wears a sleeveless leather vest, and she wears jean like pants, nanosteel toed boots.
Backstory: She managed to actually steal her first mech from a armory at the age of sixteen, she was a rebel as a teenager. A year later she suffered from PTSD after a small skirmish, it changed her life forever. She is now slightly crazy because of it.

She can't decide who to join in the fight.

Mech Name: Gatekeeper
Appearance: Has some more detail on it now, but it is still a older model.

That is all I can think of.
'Aight then.

Name: Faeranthan
Age: irrelevant
Faction: Zerg
On-Claw Weapons: Barbed Tail, Barb Fling
Appearance: Self: A sort of manticore combined with the traditional zergy vibe
Mech: A souped-up Nydus Worm
Backstory: Fae's Mech is an experiment in the offensive uses of Nydus worms, as well as new spore crawler tech that allows it to fire while moving, potentially allowing for mobile spore crawlers in the future.
Waiting to submit mine.
Name: Kelsier Yr'dinn
Age: 26
Faction: Dominion Scout Sub-Group
Out of mech weapons: Psi-Knife and Gauss Pistol
Appearance: Short Jet-Black hair and a tall, slender build. Always wears thin, modified combat armor. Enough to stop small arms fire, but gives way to larger caliber rounds.
Backstory: Kelsier was a soldier. Was. Until a hydralisk spine buried itself in his leg in combat, he was one of the best in his squad, first to volunteer to take point, and was last to board the evac shuttle. The spine's venom caused the loss of his leg, and he was Discharged from the ground forces. In a struggle to continue his old ways, he looked for what he could do with his combat training, and settled on Mech piloting.
"This is mainly true, some things may change."

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