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No word from HBRB on other factions, like Protoss and UED?
"He is currently brainstorming with wfawwer, and Zarkun, maybe."
Note: All decisions may be subject to change without notice.

  • UED is in dispute at this time.
  • Protoss will not be a playable race, but instead may be used as the NPC enemies in some missions.
  • We will start when HBRB & Co. have decided on a direction for the plot.
    We only have a very rough idea for a plot currently, so be patient. Continue suggesting things here and I will take them to HBRB. Or Zanon will, whoever sees them first.
    Speaking of HBRB, how are you guys still talking to him?
    08/25/2012 04:17 PMPosted by Naitsrich
    Speaking of HBRB, how are you guys still talking to him?
    Deviant Art.
    Is this going to be started sometime?
    Not super soon no. HBRB wants your guys input for ideas and what not to help speed the preparation along.
    will we be fighting just any protoss, tal'darim, ......?
    Any and all factions of the Protoss.
    Why doesnt HBRB come back??????
    He has a life he wants to live.
    Then why does he post on DA???????
    SC2 costs $ that he doesn't think is worth the trouble. Deviant art is free.

    REGARDING THE RP: The Starcore staff has made significant progress in Mech options and plot points. This RP will start soon™.
    Zarkun, did you talk to HBRB/UBD about Faloria?
    *Staggers into door*
    That HBRB is bad news! He left cha! He don't want no part with cha!
    HBRB already has an acount????
    It got hacked.
    or so he said!
    What if I were to tell you that he still plays starcraft...
    "These forums takes up too much of his time. And so does the game. He isn't even bothering to get his account back I bet. And HBRB will be participating in this RP I believe. Through Zarkun, Zanon, Crymson, and me."

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