Whats the point of joeyray's bar?

Joeyray's Bar
I've just come from the eu server and we don't have joeyray's bar there so i was wonderind what the point of it is?
To enjoy the use of your imagination and the very large amount of concrete lore and assumable lore at your disposal.
"Creativity. You Roleplay as your own character in the Starcraft universe. Create stories. Hell, you can come here just to socialize too. As long as you don't troll."
Or if you do, take refuge in audacity and OVERDO it
yes, i'm talking about HBRB
It is the last refuge of relative sanity and decent grammar on these forums. Though Protoss Discussion tends to be somewhat okay as well.
So how do you do it?
How do you make your character?
Each RP will have a application form. Just follow what it says.

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