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I just searched for a quick 1v1 match, when the player was found the game just stay at that point. It never started to count down and I was never taken to a load screen.. It sat there displaying "Player Found!" for about 2 mins, then I logged out and back in.

I look at my match history and it claims I was in the match and left. This is not the case. I was never even taken to a load screen, I was sitting in the main menu the whole time waiting.

How and why did this happen? This has happened very frequently back in 2010 shortly after the game launch and was the reason why I quit in the first place. Only difference was that game DIDNT count as a loss, but counted as a tie.

I've contacted my ISP and Blizzard about the issue then and neither of them helped me.

Is it possible that I can get those points restored and that "loss" removed from my match history. It only seems fair, considering the game never happened and B.net messed up.
Bump. I want this resolved.
Alot of players report similar issues where they get loose or drop or such things...

However, when you say "I look at my match history and it claims I was in the match and left." This means you can look at who was your opponent, if so, you can look at his match history and then look at his lastest game with you. You can look at how long the game last and if he actually did something.

If he did something while you've never been in-game, this is strange... If both just "never started" idk. Maybe also that he could has left the game at the same time as it said "Player Found".

Anyway, in every cases top doing bump, it won't change much. I'm pretty sure Blizz know about these issues but just don't really know what is wrong. So they don't write it as an issue. Maybe i'm wrong too.
Have this same problem as well, currently have a ticket waiting for reply :/
Hey, just had this exact same issue happen a minute ago... AGAIN.

This time, I waited. After 6 minutes, the "Player Found!" notification disappeared. I look at my match history and sure enough, that game counted as a loss. I tried opening the game to see who I played and got an error while loading it. I tried doing this the first time when I made this thread and I was able to find who I played and chat with them.

This needs to be fixed and I would like my points from both errors restored, please.
Same thing here. Either stops on "Player Found" or after the countdown hits "0". !@#$ing sucks. I have lost at least 10 matches today from this issue. Also, it is intermittent... I can play 10 matches in a row perfectly fine, then this will happen 5 times in a row. I am glad that this season is basically over, because my stats have been %^-*ed up by this problem.
Still happening. It's actually happening to me right now.
Can I get some actual help and not just other players having the same issue?

Do you just not care?
I had the same issue.

Opening all Sc2 related ports did not solve this.
Bassicly nothing that I did.
However, eventually I found out that whenever there was someone in the network downloading something (with me it involved uTorrent to be open on any give PC), that this problem would occur.

You can try and check your Tracert logs to see if this is the case. For me this happens whenever I get high ms in the 3rd to last line (the first 2 are connections to your own network).
If the high ms occurs, I get this problem about 50-60% of my games. Whenever I turn the uTorrent off (again this goes for any computer on my modem), I get this issue 0% of the time.

How to check your tracert logs? :
run CMD in the start menu (type : cmd in search)
type : " tracert us.logon.battle.net " (depending on your region it is : eu.logon.battle.net etc.)
See what the values are, depending on your connection and internet speed/distance of the server it should be far below the 100 ms. (except for ppl like me, from europe where on US i'll have 150 easily). for me on the EU server they are all below 20 ms, whereas when the problem is occuring (i.e. someone downloading) i get 150 ms.
edit ; From a certain hop ,you will get request timed out. that's normal

Hope this will help for you as it did for me.
The problem is still recurring sometimes, but then I know I have to kill someone for turning their downloading on.
This problem about 6 months ago for me, never had any problems before that
bump. same thing here, said i lost the match yet i never even played it...
OK WTF I LOST 6 games today because of this problem... what is going on....
same here, I'm up to 6 games lost because of that problem

I had this problem around two years ago when I first started playing. This can be due to several things, and hopefully I can help you figure it out.

First, are you using a school network or VPN? Depending on their configuration if the answer is yes, those can cause serious issues with Battle.net matches.

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