Judge Duke's Courthouse

Joeyray's Bar
*puts big black robe on and approaches the pulpit*
Ladies and Gentlemen of the court, we have gathered today to bring a new light and hope to the bar of JoeyRays!
*sits down in large leather chair and begins to stuff pillows into robe*
It has come to my attention that we have many disputes around here, and many an argument has gone unfixed for some time.
*waves hand for guard to bring forth a cup of tea*
So I volunteer as the firs ever Judge on the forums! Now, this court does have rules like any other, but I'm taking the use of my creative license to spice this courtroom up. Over there in the right corner we have our tea machine, and a coffee machine.
*Guard hands me my cup of tea, and I sip it*
We will have one to two Guards when our court is active, (if you want you can volunteer as a temporary guard) I will be the judge obviously.

The rules and conduct of the courthouse follow;

  • The person(s) who want to start a law suite will fill out this forum.
  • Name:
    Dispute description:
    Lawyers name:
    Date of incidence(s):
    Proof: (Specific links, and quotes)
    PRP or real:

  • Roles
  • Lawyer: will also act as defendant and persecutor.
    Guard: Maintains order in the court.
    Judge: Manages the court, states information and sentence, bangs the hammer.
    PID Person(s) In Dispute.: states case and shows proof, along with making statements and such.
    Jury: will be selected at random and will vote on the case.

  • Punishments

  • Execution: We all report the said person for perma ban.
    Hard time: We all report the person for temp ban of decided amount of time.
    Arrest: We give a warning.
    Community service: This person will be asked to work at Zanons as the bar tender for a givin amount of time.
    House Arrest: We keep a close eye and decisive eye on the person in question.
    Apology demand(s): The person will say sorry or be placed in house arrest.
    Nullification: Case settled, no punishment required.

  • Conduct
  • The PIDs will each select one lawyer to help their case. The Code of Conduct will be maintained in the court by the Guards. PIDs will make an opening statement, mid statement, and closing statement. The Lawyers will each make two statements in between each PID statement. Wait and listen for your turn. Every member of the jury (2-6) will interject one time to make a statement during the case. In the end the jury will vote on innocent, guilty, and punishment. The judge will maintain order and listen and make some unbiased statements.

    Everyone will get a chance to speak. This is intended as mainly a PRP, but can be used for real circumstances. Have fun!
    This is unnecessary. It has no place in the bar. It fulfills no useful role. Why did you put it here after everyone on this sub-forum objected to a court?
    It can be real, but it will mostly be PRP for fun.
    Ah. Could've said that XD




    (Damn you Google and your long links.)
    Finished the first post, for now...
    I shoot Duke in the head then behead Nikola. "I. Dis. Like. Houses. Of. Law."
    08/24/2012 08:04 AMPosted by Duke
    It can be real, but it will mostly be PRP for fun.

    It will be fun!
    What did I do? I only wanted a mustache smiley...
    08/24/2012 08:04 AMPosted by Duke
    It can be real, but it will mostly be PRP for fun.

    It will be fun!
    "You came to the house of law Nikola. I am the chaos bringer. I DESTROY ORDER!" I set fire to the courthouse. "I will put it out if I am made an executioner."

    Can there be more than one executioner?

    Vandalism is a crime SF.

    @Nik, um, well we don't really kill people, but ok...
    I chop off Nikola's head again, then hang him, then brutally murder him and hide the body at the dump. "I got the credentials."
    Sets several det-packs around the courthouse, walks out, and detonates them.
    I'll find some people to do an example with, to show you how fun it can be!
    Everyone else see the High and Mighty CC's bar?
    08/24/2012 08:53 AMPosted by Zarkun
    Everyone else see the High and Mighty CC's bar?
    "He should at least have the dignity to add Mind Shredders that I touch to the menu."
    Are you posting in here because you want to start a case?
    Posting here cause this is where everyone is at the moment. I'll post int the bar later.

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