Judge Duke's Courthouse

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No, Mark really wants this trial. He wants to condemn a character.
We should try it. There will be no punishment for this case though.
"I get the loser's livers and kidneys!"
Lol, this is on the hot topics.
Case closed! THANK YOU JOEYRAYS!! To all the people who are telling me what I need to do next time someone is doing something I dont approve of. GIVE THEM A WARNING! I appreciate all the feedback and all the critisism to ultimately make me a better RPer. I am now a better RPer and Joranis lives! (in a prison cell awaiting his escape which can happen when SF chooses)

Sorry SF! No hard feelings all! This was a necessary step toward my not "noobiness" Because I still am a noob XD

EDIT: Grammer and spelling.
08/27/2012 10:22 AMPosted by MarkusDaWise
"....Get Firefox or Chrome, please, it'll really help you out."
I have chrome and use it as my primary, but I dont know how to use the spelling check xD
Go to options.
Why did you put that here?

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