Sticky Ideas?

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I've been thinking about something I could make a sticky. Anyone?
Not in here young one, you are not skilled enough in the force.

And anyway where do you plan on making a sticky at?
I must create at least one on every section.
Whoa, whoa, whoa. What are you going to get stickied here?
I don't know yet. That's why I made this thread.
You really don't understand though, you really can't get just anything you want to be a sticky. This whole community has to think of it. Getting a sticky up in Tech support is way different from than Joeyray's.
Or is it.....
You are not putting just anything up on there Duke, the community must help decide.
Well ya.
That's why I made this thread.....
Duke, drop it. There's a reason none of these ever get stickied.
RPs end. they DIE. they go to the great beyond of page 4,0000000000000..............
It seems like getting that thread stickied has gone to your head.

Most sticky threads are made by Blizzard, and they decide what goes there.

Tech-Support has no "regulars" or "members" really. Just people who check for help, and those who check back to help. Getting a sticky there doesn't mean much, in my opinion.

You don't need to have a sticky in every sub-forum. They just mean that people see what is written there. consider it nearly impossible to get a sticky hear, unless you do something that absolutely has to be seen by everyone who comes here; and there isn't much that qualifies for that.

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