Amd Radeon Hd 7770 1GB

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I see, but will it handle it well you think? He says it runs pretty we
It'll run OK, but when there are lots of units on the screen, don't expect too much.
Do you think that it will be fine though? i don't have high needs like others. I wouldnt even mind running the game on medium let alone Low. Doesn't most of the graphics in starcraft 2 rely on the Graphics card? I know the CPU is very important but I dont need a super high end computer. Just something that meets my needs.
As mentioned, it's not about graphics setting, it's the ability for CPU to handle massive number of units on screen.
I have this card, and i get over 60 fps on ultra its an awesome card for the price.
That Quad Core is more than enough for SC2.
so build it what is ur budget?
build the computer yourself for starters though, you get a lot more for your money
If You want a good performance in starcraft II i suggest that setup:
i5 3570k or i3 3220
GTX 650 Ti Boost
Why ? you need a good processor to held a lots of units on the map while players are maxed (dont buy AMD it has really weak performance per thread) and don't get a radeon GPU for SC because often people have problems with microstutter (myself to), SC II works better on Nvidia, if you want cheaper card get a GTX 460 is a ultimate weapon for Starcraft
you can buy a quad core and a QUAD CORE, Starcraft only uses two threads anyways so... Intel is the way to go and most often new i3 (ivy,haswell) is more than enough to play smooth
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