Darkest Heart Part 2

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IC: "So Graal, how do you feel?" We'd gotten out of the den and were almost back to the mansion. "And it would be good to power down."
Micheal continues to duel while dodging the bullets with his feet as if it was natural.
"Glad to know, I'd fill you in later!"

I see the realities echo together, superimposing themselves repeatedly. Finally, two distinct options appear. A swift stab, or a slice. I decide to take the safest road with each, and catch his arm in the joint, and twist it out of his hand, hobbling slightly to avoid the bullets, each of which striking a definite point.

"You may wish to try something more complex. A greater degree of possibilities are harder to predict."

I bend down and hand him his knife, barely avoiding another bullet taking my arm off.

"By the way, try not to read my mind during this state. It may be slightly... jarring... The ability to witness so many outcomes has driven greater men mad, you know. I keep it off for a reason."

A new shard shimmers out of the Night's edge, replacing its graying and crumbling cousin I was drawing power from for the duration of the small scuffle.

OOC: Darnit, got my post ninja'd by Shadowfury.
"Its been a long time since someone has bested me in a duel...seems im gonna learn a lot here."
I'm going to restrict how extended you can use it for, morrjo. To be fair.
"Well, I have an unusual advantage. My apologies, it makes up for my lack of physical finesse."

I bow slightly, and take a swig from a small flask from my hip again.

"Try not to drink this, its medicine for me, and may have some odd side effects for you."

I hold my head against a nasty migraine.

OOC: Zark, it's both incredibly stressing, and multiple possibilities are significantly obfuscated. It only really gives me the ability to see possibilities, and not the absolute future. For instance, against practiced professionals, I could see their moves ahead of time, but I am still restricted by my reaction time. But against wilder foes, such as wolves, they do not pre-plan attacks, and thus are significantly harder to predict. NTM the side effects of prolonged use...
"No problem..." I grab a bottle from my pack and take a drink out of it.
its a bottle of energizing water btw
I jump over the railing and land behind the boys, Athena and Ares at both of their necks. "Too bad you don't know how to keep a huntress at bay."
I quickly twist around and simultaneously grab out my dual pistols and aim them at both her heart and head. "Please. I've seen monsters sneakier than that."
The wolf tackles the man with pistols aiming at Toria's chest. "Never, ever try that again. And by the way, in the blackest of nights, you would never even know where I was."
Seeing Graal was lost in thought, we finish the walk in silence. Arriving at the house, I see Noct and Micheal facing off against Toria. "Well, perhaps you could all use a lesson?"
"We'll see about that...." "And why would i shoot a fellow monster hunter? I was merely having a bit of fun."(before the others come)
I jump, startled. And chuckle nervously.

"Please don't do that. Anything that happens to do that to me in The Ways is either fanged, tentacled, or both. Its what did this to my chest, on the way here."

I point at the my recently bandaged chest.

"Bad images not withstanding, its a little bit disorienting to get surprised after leaving the Stream. Do you have any fast-acting painkillers? My meds only ground me here, not deal with these splitting migraines!"
"Same here." Toria says. Her eye glowing orange under her darkened face because of the hood. The wolf steps off of him. I put away Athena and Ares.
"Interesting..." I put away Solareon and my dual pistols
Pulling a bottle out of my coat, I hand it to Noct. "I don't go completely unscathed in a hunt." Turning to Micheal, I smile. "You're just in time youg Micheal. I trust you got here safely?"
I look at Michael.

"Do you want the long version of how that works, or the quick and easy, non-quantum version?"

I wince.

"It still hurts equally either way. And thanks, Tobi. Well received. Good to see someone here ahas a medical cabinet!"
Toria steps into the darkness. Her eyes stop glowing. She was a little worried from what she saw through the cuts on the mans chest.
"Didnt really encounter any opposition on the way here....aside from a few monsters that i killed in 5 seconds"

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