Darkest Heart Part 2

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"It was probably a ghoul, did it look roughly human, but almost mummified, so to speak?"

I saw Toria looking at the cuts on my chest, and flash a quick smile.

"No nothing from this world did this. Somthing rather nasty did this, but it won't be infected by the local strains. Its somthing not really from here. If you think ghouls or wolves are bad..."
"That does seem a bit disturbing..."
"Bad? Simple monsters! I actually would like to rip off a werewolves arm and kill things with it."
"As was to be expected. Toria, come out of the shadows please. With this pack attacking, Alistair can get jumpy." I sheath Argost, and glance over the motley crew of hunters. "Welcome all, to the greatest hunting group Darkova has ever known."
"I prefer the shadows, I actually see better in the darkness than in the light."
I walk up to her and pull her out. "I'm doing this for your safety."
I smile, knowing that the group of hunters reminds him of his family which hunted monsters.
"Fine." Toria grabs her pistols.
I just decide to watch in the corner at the scene with Toria
"I wouldn't recommend that young huntress." I nod at Alistair, his Heretic aimed at her head. "He'd have pulled the trigger before you'd ever finished aiming."
"What do you mean?" Toria asks.
(under his breath) "Hmm, even I cant do that move quicker than that"
"He meant that you probably shouldnt pull out your weapons when someone does something for your own good."
"Yes, but if something comes, I need my weapons ready. Why are male such dumb@sses at times?" Toria wonders out loud.
"Then again, it is good to have it at instinct..." "And no, we are not dumb@sses.... >:("
"In my experience, males are much stupider than any of the huntresses I've met." Toria says.
"Just because some are stupid doesnt mean all are...."
"More like almost all of them." Toria scoffs.
"Eh, thats ur opinion. I have mine, which im not gonna tell you."
"I just hope whatever tore up his chest dies. Cause it looks like it can do a mean scratch."

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