Darkest Heart Part 2

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I just watch. "When do we go in? And we have to be smart on this, we can't just go RANDOMLY attacking stuff down there." It was pointed at Toria.
"Perhaps the best course of action would be to strike from two locations at once. If there's anything in there, it would have difficulty fending off a two pronged assault. It might get tough moving around in there..."

I pause, and think for a moment.

"Though, if we split in two, we're twice as easy to pick off. Staying together might be wiser if there's many of them."
{You would be wise to stick together. The stories of this packs efficiency are enough to make even me cautious, and I've seen their handy work first hand.} Suddenly you hear a low growl from the back of the alleyway.
"I say we stay stealthy."
"It would be difficult to be stealthy with so many people."
"Fine. I'll be stealthy while you all get torn apart while I ambush them."
I drawing Avenger (my sword) I carefully head down the alley in a hunter's crouch to the man hole Frank mentioned, my well worn boots hardly making a sound.

given what my sword is; (a reforged demonic blade inlaid with silver warding runes and anointed with holy oil) just how effective would something like this be against weres?
Well, the runes will make the most effective part of the blade. So fairly effective.

IC: As you all approach the man hole, the growling grows louder. {Toria, stick with the group. Once you're in there, stealth is none existent.}
I approached the man hole when I heard growling. "Stick together everyone, because it doesn't sound like it wants to play with us."
Sorry Zarkun, will edit.

And you can thank a couple of people with confusing me.

Made edit.
I draw out my pistols, Armads and Athos(got the names from a game i played) and load them with my special ammunition(silver bullets+holy water)
"Be aware of your surroundings at all times. The last thing we need is an ambush." I flex my gauntlets anxiously, anticipating a fight.
With a sigh and a face-palm, I can't help but note how I don't even need my precognition to know what will happen to the silly person approaching a manhole cover filled with voracious, no doubt hungry, and probably scared wolves.

"Perhaps you should throw a flash grenade or two before you get any closer... Night eyes are practically blinded by them for a few minutes at the very least..."
"Anyone have a flashbang on them?"
{I doubt there's more then one on guard duty. They seem confident no one knows where they are.}
"No." I readied Keeper and Hermes. "But I can do something stupid." The sabre started to emit some light. "I could release a great amount of light that could blind them, but I don't know what it will do to me."
"Well, it will give us a good opportunity for an ambush. Lets see if we can make it quiet..."
Toria disappears as the growling is heard.
As Toria moves through the shadows, the guard wolf lunges at her, giving her some new scars across her face before she can kill it.

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