Darkest Heart Part 2

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I glare Toria down. "You'd do well to remember who's home you're in."
"Yeah, I replied in kind with a nice cut of my own, but I highly doubt it will inconvenience it. Nasty abominations, those things are. I should feel lucky I got away with just this little mark, and not have my innards as outards, or something equally nasty."

I sigh. A couple of memories involving past friends and such experiences come to mind, but reminiscing is for later, not now. Work, work!

"Well, its good to see the team is together. Anything to ask of us, mister Hellsing?"
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Letting go of Toria, I survey the group. "I ask you all learn to trust each other, work with each other and tolerate each other. Most importantly however, I demand you refrain from serious injury to each other." I look each person in the eye. "We have enough issues here on this planet that murders don't happen, and I won't let it start now."
"I'm aware of the normal infestation that's happening here, but... is somthing else brewing in the darkness out there?" I ask, with a pensive face.
Toria rolls her eyes. "If I must I will learn to like them."
"As of recently, I believe so, but I"m not really sure. I haven't found anything decisive yet, but that's one of the goals of this team."
"Trust me when I say what isn't know does in fact, hurt much more than what you do know. I hope they're not getting assistance from the Ways... or things could get ugly, fast."
"Alistair has been monitoring things. Your world is staying separate. However, that doesn't mean something else isn't assisting."
"Good to know. I was a little worried something horrid would claw its way out. Its been a long time since I've last fought abominations on my home soil. Besides, I believe that our groups here wouldn't be in very good shape mentally afterwards."

"But that's a different matter. What sort of research or recon do you need done?"
"As of right now, look for things on missions. Different things that ghouls do and such. An example would be some ghouls, being ghouls, having wings, a gift from whatever it is."
Toria sits there, she wasn't very pleased with having to have to even pretend to like the boys.
I raise an incredulous eyebrow.

"What? Since when the hell do they have wings? I hope they're not feathered, it'd be rather awkward with rotting corpses sporting angelic wings." I smirk.

"But that's aside the point. Any clues we might have to what gave this to them? Or was it just a random mutation that sported these?"
"Alistair and I have been finding traces of strong demonic energy. Normal if it wasn't so concentrated."
"I saw something strange when I looked at his wound. The creature he faced, it wasn't normal. It had traces of something I have never even heard of fights with."
"You wouldn't understand his...lifestyle. Just know we won't be facing it here."
"Be glad of it. Lets just say, my precognition is something you need in my line of work. Even then, after so long, its damn near impossible to get a perfect bead on such creatures. Their very essence is almost pure chaos, and they rip holes in the Ways as they travel. Its not fun. It takes small armies to fell just one of them, and those are only the hatchlings."
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It's all good. I just did a bit of a time skip to the mansion after we found the supposed guilty pack leader dead.
So, whats going on?

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