Darkest Heart Part 2

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Basically twenty questions from Noct right now.
I couldn't get out of the form yet, once we reached the manor it released. I was on the ground panting. "I feel terrible. What was that?"
"I think theres someone outside the manor. Anyone wanna fetch him?"
I turn and check Graal's pulse before helping him up. "It was the power of Hermes. It's job is to keep balance and when you read the inscription aloud, you become a vessel of balance."
"Anyone mind telling me who he is?"
"Someone who is going to blow your !@#$ing head off for too asking many questions." I pull out my pistol.
"I dont think it would be wise to hold those out...."
Once more my own weapon was level with Graal's head. "Graal, he's another hunter. Calm yourself."
I put the pistol back up. The little bit of darkness was still leaving my body.
"We should probably get back to tracking down whatever scratched up that guys chest"
"That was no scratch, that was a huge !@#$ing hole. The darkness must have regenerated my body, while the light gave me the strength to stand back up."
"For the last time, what hurt Noct is not even of this dimension. Let it go. Although...Noct, are you sure that it didn't follow you out?"
"Better safe than sorry..."
"I thought you were talking about me?"
"No, Noct here got hurt on his way through The Ways, and I'm making sure his injurer didn't follow him."
I stumbled a bit and I grabbed onto a lamp post. "I feel like as if my insides were ripped apart. Oh wait they were back in the forest."
"You might want to get ur insides back then..."
"I'm quite certain it didn't follow me, but if it opened a portal out after I escaped, I cannot hold that promise. If it turns out it did, we'd notice pretty fast. Its hard to miss rips in the fabric of reality, and these monstrosities require huge rips in order to manifest. Smaller ones can escape through younger and smaller rifts, however."
I turned towards the new person. "HA HA, very funny. My insides are still inside of me." I started to limp towards the manor's door.
Toria sits there. Her eyes glow again as she looks at the mans wound. She looks away quickly. "Yeah, I think I would've seen it if it followed." She was deeply disturbed by the beast.

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