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How do I always miss the fun stuff? -_-
"Because you're boring. Well pretty much done for the night and will post a little bit tomorrow morning. But I won't for about, 7 hours cause I'm taking a trip to Ontario."
You know what's odd?

School starts and we get Thundercrash and Mockingjay back.
Truly, this must be a refuge from the horrors of school.
Indeed. I have only gotten past the third day, and already this place is allowing me to keep what remains of my sanity.
I didn't have a place like this when I was in school...
Neither did I Zarkun.
You didn't have to deal with nearly this amount of stupid, however.
I feel shame to be considered part of my generation. The music is horrible, stupidity is rampant, and don't get me started on how they dress.
For shame.
I am ashamed of my school as well as the current generation.
High school wasn't even five years ago for me Drac. I still dealt with those things then and still do today.

Most of todays music I cannot stand. There are few that I can tolerate.
I get made fun of for liking AC/DC and all those 90's bands.
AC/DC, Queen, Aerosmith, Rush...

I am sure you see the pattern.

Follow that by some Classical music with a tad bit of Lonely Island and Linkin Park and you got the music I listen to.
Oh yes, all of which few of the class of 2011 liked.
Humanity collectively seems to lose an IQ point every week. They also seem to lose the capacity of independent thought.
I get questioning looks whenever I bring up my favorite bands, because apparently, according to the teenage hive-mind, they never existed. *sighs*

In other news, I noticed how, of the five highly active Bar threads, I am a major player in four.
What one aren't you a player for? DH, aka Darkest Heart.
I am in three. Going to stay that way to. I try to many more and mind with just go numb.

Top 5:
PKA (18th part, holy shiznit!)
Reckoning (Yeayuh!)
Zanon's (a herp derp)
Techsuit Warfare (unexpectedly popular)
Darkest Heart (sadly haven't read it. at all.)
You should join. It's really quite fun. But it's ultimately up to you. We just finished our first mission.

Just know I took the Van Helsing idea and applied it reasonably to SC. It's quite fun.

Edit- Also, last post for me tonight unless a reply is made before I get off.
I personally like my good ol' rock. Some of the newer, but not to new because the to new sound like pop almost and I don't like that.

Rob Zombie
AC/DC (not to much, don't have many of their songs)
Sabaton (they are interesting)
Decyfer Down

And so on, and so on.

When I tell everyone that CoD is a piece of sh!t and my fav game is Starcraft they laugh at me for hatin CoD and give me a blank look since they have NO idea wat SC2 is
Cod is a good game, definitely fun to play with friends.

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