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It works, it's just extremely repetitive. I mix it up.
Pikmin into StarCraft into CoD into Brutal Legend into Luigi's Mansion FTW!
I know of one person who likes SC2 in my grade ._.

I consider my level of intelligence average for my age. Then everyone looks at me weirdly for taking extra after-school classes because the ones they provide are too easy (lol). And then they think I'm a weirdo for liking Classical music and literature.

And they misuse most words. A lot. Like how they think "gay" has one definition. And use it as an insult. For every single occurrence they don't find funny.

What has the world come to?
I like CoD, but to me Battlefield 3 seems funner.
CALL OF DUTY IS TERRIBLE!-well, in comparison to Battlefield, :P

At least that's my opinoin! I play both~XP
I think Tribes is better, if it wasn't for the outrageously slow progression. I don't play many FPS though, and the ones I do are on PC :P I think console controls are hilariously awkward, and then keep yelling:

"Melee! Grenade! Oh god, what am I doing?"

Whenever I play with friends XD
Counter Strike anyone? No? I doubt it.
I'm not really much for shooters (TimeSplitters and Metal Gear being notable exceptions), but it adds texture to my gaming.
I check threads too often. I just sit at my laptop, refreshing the page every 20 seconds XD

I'm too impatient >_>
lol i know right? XD

I do thatwayyyy to much too, but now i'm content watching Starcraft commentary and playin pocket frogs on my ipad, XD
I watch chuggaaconroy LPs.
So time consuming. I miss posting periods.
I has no life right now, so I spend all day waiting for people to post.
Watch chuggaaconroy LPs. It is hilarious to hear him flip out.
I recommend Pikmin or Luigi's Mansion.
I watch GhostRobo myself.
I had an idea for yet another game.
It's a puzzle game, involving switching between six "forms" to get past obstacles and enemies.
Young Male form- short-range fire attacks, as well as a fire-assisted "double jump", for height.
Young Female form- can create up to 8 copies of self, and switch between to control.
Adult Male form- uses a gun to take out enemies from a distance or hit switches and such outside other forms' reach.
Adult Female form- swiftest form, can use objects to grapple off of.
Draconic form- can fly distances (no real vertical assistance), can break Stone Walls.
Soulless form- can regain HP off of dead enemies, can turn invisible.

Any ideas for puzzles that would involve the use of three or more forms to complete?
Not off the top of my head, but now I feel like if we bring dragons into this, how long until the furries arrive?
Just saying, I actually sit here and do design for (admittedly shoddy) games.
I have no.ideas, and can't afford a Popsicle.
09/08/2012 11:55 AMPosted by Draconus
I have no.ideas, and can't afford a Popsicle.
Zanon you heard the man, add the Popsicle drink to your menu. Do it right meow.
Any of you have ideas that utilize three or more forms?
Define "utilize three or more forms".

Ermegerd, I just realized I'm only 11 wins away from Team Toss 250.
Executor portrait, here I come!

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