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I forgot a what I say goes line.

*kicks out anyway*
"I watch people kill each other endlessly in here. I can't stop that. But I have to draw that imaginary line somewhere or I'll just plain go mad."
If he don't (hic) stand by his words than (hic) he not fit to run this here bar (hic)

Is zanon really an honest man?
Or is he really mad?

*I walk back in and mop my blood of the floor*

Something tells me Zanon was not always the zanon we knew....

If you watch people die in here, why does a tired man bother you?
:| I knew this would be the case. Zanon, does not like me.
guys........ any thouhghts????
About what?
I have thoughts only of killing SF.
Or does he......
Why not anyone else?
"It would be nice to have the pet RP, I already have one in mind, actually two dogs in mind. And Zarkun, I love you too." I say. I then whisper to someone random, "Not really, I just want to make him feel better about himself."
*Looks at SF funny.* Da faq?
An anvil drops on Zarkun's head then a wrecking ball comes around and pounds him into a wall.
I whisper in SF's ear. "You kinda grabbed Zarkun as your random person."
I throw Zarkun into an extremely sharp icicle and then behead all the witnesses, including Crysmon.
Duke. I'm getting annoyed at how you are acting. You seem extremely self-absorbed, even more so after you got that thread stickied. I read your story too. I didn't find it all too intriguing either.

And no, I don't remember the "main character's" name. I forget most things though, so it might just be me. I think you should stop telling everyone to agree with you; stop telling everyone you write in an amazing fashion; stop telling people that your opinions are the correct one; stop insinuating that you should have respect for everything you do; etc, etc, etc.

Zanon himself has tried to defend you, when the rest of us were telling you that what you have been posting is unnecessary. In a thread you created; after asking us what we though; where all of us wanted you not too. And by now, I wouldn't be surprised if he has given up with defending you.

You accuse other people of things that are quite obviously untrue, and consistently say that you should be held in a higher position than them. Then after the fact, you claim it was you joking around, or not being serious, or something of that fashion

The bottom line to what I have been saying is this:

Earn our respect through deeds and actions that are deemed necessary and useful to this sub-forum. You are new here, and yet all that you have done is try to assert your self-imposed sense of superiority and interest in yourself, while the rest of us ask you to stop or do something else, and try to deal with how you act.

I am not trying to be offensive, but as an example: We told you that you should try RPing instead of simply telling us what we should and shouldn't do and think. So you joined several RPs; and then subsequently abandoned them all. You never check back, only feigning surprise when we remind you, and never actually contribute to them. I consider this to be deceitful and un-worthy actions, in and attempt to make it seem as if you listen to us; when in all honesty, you do not.

You have lost now, Duke, as that post is nearly identical to one by Nukester! Right down to calling CR "revan", and admitting that all you have been doing is trolling.

You have openly admitted that all you care about is your own opinion; and in some cases that is correct. But here, we have turned the situation around.

You are Nukester.

You only care about your what you think;

You openly admit to simply annoying us;

You use the same method of writing and "RPing" as Nukester;

You make the same "mistakes" as Nukester;

You ask questions so as to further irritate us, in a manner that openly proves you are a troll.

And now, you are back to my ignore list. Back to having all your posts down-voted by most of us. Back to being reported by at least a few of us. And now I resort to a more "simple" version of what this means, for someone of a level of intelligence like yours.

F*ck off. We don't give any sh*ts about what you care, we want you to leave; and never come back. Go away. Screw you. You are Nukester, and have provided us with sufficient proof. Never come back. We all hate you now.

Bugger off.

And done :D

Screw you [sneer][/sneer]
Amen, now let us just ignore the parasite and enjoy ourselves.
"I think that was a bit harsh..."
Now now, lets not be off and over reactive my friend. Inside you have always suspected I was Nukester. But I openly deny this.

And I make it a habit not to use such language. I prefer a gentlemen's game.
You claim I place myself above you. You may take my actions as such, but I do not purposefully do so.

I do not intend to troll you, but you insist on angering yourself about my actions.
What thread have I created to demeanor the bar? I create threads as a service.

Am I angry? No. Misconceptions are common.

Your final words to me seem like you hold a fierce grudge. I'm sorry you feel that way.
I do apologize, ShadowFury (hint) if I was harsh. I just become irritable when someone's only response to a logically put together and thorough argument is to say that they don't care.

Duke, I'm sorry. Didn't hear what you said.

Can't see it. Don't want to see it. I put the trash away, and now I don't have to look at it anymore.
Does this mean my name is finally cleared?
Looks like it.

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