Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 10)

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Just telling you where we are in DA.
08/28/2012 01:27 PMPosted by RedOctober
You work to hard.

Not really. I could be doing so much more than what I am now.
Here are everyone's drinks.

Ah... Summer is over. I know it to be so because the bar is not fulling up in 3-4 days.
To true Zanon. Then again I missed out a bit during the summer with work and all.
I don't regret it though, I am still here and probably will be for at least awhile longer.

Back to everything moving at a speed I can keep up with.
It's so slow around here at school time :C

Who's gone...everyone?

I begin to play solitaire.

Oh, I know my names a bit hard to type over an over, and I don't like RO, so could you call me either RedOc, or OldRed.
Well, at least everything is slowing down. That means I can still keep up with the little time I have :D
"Whatcha talking about Octavius the Red Tentacled One?"
That's it!
Call me Octavius
That's it!
Call me Octavius
Ok The Red October, you may be a Soviet but that submarine packs a payload.
Comrade! You seem to know my name, and how much do you know about said payload?

George Bush would say:
EH! Ya thunk ya know bout this here payload? I tinkicated about it, and datz one mighty large payload
Comrade! You seem to know my name, and how much do you know about said payload?
Only that it makes everything go kabloome!
Indeed! We might want to run back round checks about our crew!

Oh, I'm half way done with part one of my story! So I'm also 25% done!
Why, we are all Soviets. None of us could be American dog.
I spit on a random guys boots.

Gah! American Dogs!

This reminds me! We should kindly ask zanon to add red wine to menu!
"You mean vodka? And fine octopus, I'll call you that. And I am not an American or a Russian, I am CANADIAN!" At the last word a soft thunder is heard. And then in lightning it spells out peaceful. "Oh shut up." I shoot someone in the gut, urinate in the wound then slowly flay them.
Vodka is even better comrade!
I like maple, so I won't cheat you in a game of roulette today.

I speak both Russian and English.
It's going to be a bit slow since everyone's going to have to get used to their new schedules. In time, there's going to be a little more activity.
I hope you guys don't mind, in the story I'm still working on, I've got to, well, I'll let you find out.

N ee way
I think Ima wants a JimR.
Interesting project you are working on, and may I ask on what inspired you?

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