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Yes indeed good sir!
I was playing Starcraft and it hit me! I can use its units to portray each of us! I think I'll make it a RP game!

I'll post a trailer on youtube when I can.
Have Nikola advance in the tournament or have Ceas take my place against Nikola. I am utterly bored of roleplaying so I will say it right here. I am semi-retiring. The only post I will really be doing is stories. Have fun all of you RPers. Perhaps I will be back in a few months.
Calek default wins then. Saves time.
"I would be a person without the possibility of death, have super awesome weapon, perhaps the Mind Shredder Machine gun, so it would be a custom weapon. And would be a Dark Templar or Soul Priest sprite above all that."
Here are your drinks.

EDIT: Added to History
08/29/2012 02:01 PMPosted by ShadowFury
You mean vodka?

08/29/2012 02:04 PMPosted by RedOctober
Vodka is even better comrade!

Break out de Vodkalings, comrades!

*Vodkalings hug everybody and explode into lots of vodka*
This is going to be a pain to clean up.
I'll help.
Going to be in game if anyone wants to play or needs me.
Wow it is slow now. Very slow.

Anyway, I am considering on joining the Reckoning. Not sure bout it yet.
Now's a good time. It's really slow in there.
Yeah, also have to decide which people I will use and how many.

I have an idea on how to bring them in though.
That's good. At most you're allowed three though. That's what Naits decided.
I know I read the prelaunch thread.

It is post Academy correct?
"Yes. And arrive via random plot hole."
Well I think a random drop out of warp should fit the bill.
Been planing it for a bit.

Post character sheets in thread correct. I am not sure if yall had a spot for posting them.
Let me find the thread, there's a specific one.
"'Tis called 'I Need RP Data'."
Yes. I couldn't find the link though, so have fun.

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