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Joeyray's Bar
Uh, hi.

You know my name.
I've been around these parts. Yes I'm friends with ol Nuke, have been since SC1. We play a lot. aside from assisting him in the past, I have not exactly been a troll. have not been here in the bar so often. I suppose I'm a good rolply. I do short stories more tho.

You don't have to make a thread about it sonny, and I'm not trying to be mean. -_-
Just that some people here, I have not seen, so I wanted to say hi.

Oh, the cove, they came to a decisions to not come to the bar. The original vote was like 5 to 6, so, someone[hint] changed there mind.
*Shakes Red Octobers hand* Welcome, welcome to joey rays! Enjoy your stay, and keep a close watch for trolls, or we may have another troll war on our hands. (hintz) Other than that have fun, eat your cookies, and make badass roleplays!
Well, I'm not exactly new here. I've been here ever since about 8 months after the start of the Bar. I aint participated so much.
Oh, well please participate, people won't bite your head off but will do anything to win. Accademy is a good place to start but please wait for a new one to surface, people don't like new people joining in the middle of a roleplay.
Heads up.
I think I'm going to make a sample short story, I would really like your feedback. I have always wondered if I'm any good at writing. I'll make it sometime tomorrow.
Well then make it a damn good story! I'm looking forward to seeing your capabilities.
Ok :D

And sorry for accusing you before Red :3

No harm done?
None at all. I understand.

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