Deciding to start new RP help me out!!!

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Since PR (Project Ressurection) died cause I was hacked i have a few ideas

Project Ressurection Version 2

Feral:The Need to Survive (This might be renamed and yes Draconus this is the animal one)

Project C.H.I.P (based of THE best feature in S.L.A also called Steel Lancer Arena)
Ummm anyone????
Hmmmmmm.....I'd like to see a redo of Resurrection, but it's up to you.
can you get more people to voice their opinion thanks ;D
"I like Feral idea."
To be one hundred percent honest. I dont like either. The project resurrection was a great idea! But nobody wants to be investigating when they know they have to die for the RP to continue. I like the originality of both though. Definitely go for something that hasn't been done before. Try to get ideas from video games, books and movies.
"I now have an idea for an RP. I shall commence the RP later on."
I'd actually be interested in that SF.
"You don't even know what I am planning...."
Feral might be interesting...
08/29/2012 10:32 PMPosted by ShadowFury
You don't even know what I am planning....

I know, but knowing you it is probably going to be interesting/fun.
they dont have to die Markus lolol

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