Ghost Ship (Part 1) (Completed)

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"She's somewhere in the docking bay and Daalis is a Protoss Dark Templar."
"How did a protoss dark templar get on this ship? Where is he now he will prove invaluable!" As soon as he said that he opened the door to see Daalis run by and about five creatures run after him including the dark one. Darrok took a large step back and covered Korzis with his arm. He swore and closed the door.

"Found your templar buddy. He doesnt look to good either." Darrok tried to think of how he could help him.
I leap over the first creature to reach me and cut off one of it's arms. Landing, I cut off the other and then behead him. Then I face the others, keeping the black one where I can see it best.
The other three regular creatures run right past you and charge into the docking bay. The black one is left staring into your eyes. It lets out a shriek of terror and waits for you to make the first move.
My right eye, I couldn't see out of it but I could see out of my left for now. I could see the others but they all looked like monsters in my eye. "I must stay hidden." The blood was still slowly dripping between my hand that was covering the eye.
I fire the void laser at it, hoping to make it move.
It takes the void laser to the chest and doesnt even flinch. It then takes a step towards you and prepares to slash across your throat. It happened so fast if you were not a dark templar you would have gotten your throat slit.

OOC: Lets make this battle more then just. Dodges and kills the monster XD
Wait a second, did Sean up and leave Mark? I'm waiting for Sean's epic walk through the med bay to heal is injured leg, Mark filling necromor- I mean undisclosed monsters with bullets?
I quickly move back, but fall over from the pain in my leg. "OW!"
@soldier: No, they are still standing there waiting to walk to the med bay. Its crawling with monsters too so he will need your help.

@SF: "Are you injured?" Darrok asks
"Yes. My right leg and left arm."
I slide back, keeping my blade between me and it. There's no way it should move that fast. I lunge at the beast, slashing for it's head.
OOC: Ok then. Wait by god I've got an awesome idea, perhaps when the survivours meet up at the shuttle, a brute or something attacks them.


"Well let's get to the med bay, that leg is not going to heal it's self.


When the two arrive at the med bay, the scene is awefully quiet. Nothing in sight from where they stood to where the hall trailed off, "I don't like this atleast one bit..."
@Soldier: GREAT IDEA!! I havn't met brutes in game yet though :P

IC: "No, believe me I dont like it either." Said sean following close behind Mark with his gun at hand.

@Zarkun: It ducks under your blade and slashes at your wrist. Luckily you had armor there and it just scratched it, making a loud clash.
I flip back and then blast at it with the void laser again, hitting it in the eye. I then rush it and slam it back with my shield, my blade at the ready.
@Markus what chapter are you on, because I believe the first Brute you fight is on chapter 4 or three.

Mark patrols the halls gun at the ready, dead silence fills the air as the two walk down the hall, various bodys lie on blood soaked matresses, their EKG monitors flatlined. At the end of the hall was the door to medical supplies, "Hmph that was easy."
@Zarkun: The monster squels and shrieks when the laser makes contact with its eye. While you slam it it falls back and starts scratching your armor on your stomach with claws you didn't see before. OOC: I knew I could count on you to make it good, Zarkun. :)

@SF: "Come on, lets get you to med lab. I am going to need you're power if we are going to get out of this." He grabs your hand and opens the door. He looks out to see Daalis and the monster fighting and quickly runs the opposite direction. Daalis also see's this.

@Soldier: I am on chapter. . . I think I just started three. I havn't been able to play alot because its actually my brothers Xbox and he doesnt want me to play it unless he is there and he works 10 hour shifts. I am going to play later on today and probably tomorrow though! SO EXCITED!!

IC: "Nothing is that easy, something is missing." Sean looks around to see a computer console with data files on it. "There! I will look at this, you get the supplies I am going to need. I dont know the first thing about first aid."
"Fine." I was limping; my face scrunched up in pain.
I see the Terran in the Reaver suit run out with Korzis. Leaping over the beast, I lob off it's extra claws. "Now, now, abomination, let's keep this as fair as possible." <Korzis, do you know where your sister is?>
In the docking bay somewhere, I think the far corner from you.

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