Ghost Ship (Part 1) (Completed)

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"Yes, but does not last long. And we won't kill anyone. We will simply harm them if they get in our way."
Okay, I will approve as long as you let me limit your power. I dont want two demons ruining my RP. I trust you guys though.

08/27/2012 01:10 PMPosted by ShadowFury
Yes, but does not last long. And we won't kill anyone. We will simply harm them if they get in our way.

If you harm people for no apparent reason or for a stupid reason or kill someone for no apparent reason or for a stupid reason. I will give a warning. Then you can edit your post. Or face possible death/withdraw from the RP. Agree?

EDIT: Same goes for CR but I doubt CR will do anything like that so it doesnt really matter.
We pretty much explained it, and it only happens when they are PISSED and ANGRY. Not much that you could limit since we really didn't explain the powers, so far all Cynthia is still learning how to use her powers pretty much.

And Markus, they can't help it if they harm people when they are pissed, because they can't control themselves.

And like we said, this will only happen if you really get them angry.

Age: Appears roughly in the late teens, physical age is unknown

Race: Terran

Class: Fencer

Primary Weapon: Night's Edge, a dual-ended scythe. More of a tool than a weapon.

Secondary Weapon: Weaponized Shards

Backstory: A traveler of sorts, jumping between a variety of different realities in order to plunder vast amounts of wealth from a world where Terrans lost the war between the three main factions of the Zerg, Protoss and Terran. I've been around for a long time, so I've been able to develop a sixth sense of sorts, attuned to sensing alternate possible futures within a variable time, though most accurately within roughly five seconds or so, and scrambling significantly beyond two or three minutes, as well with the ability to generate shards, or small pockets of energy that can be applied to a variety of aspects.

Defining Characteristics: Roughly six-foot one, with blond hair and startlingly bright blue eyes. Frequently seen with small, dark purple or almost black "shards" orbiting him, and light plate armor. Scythe generates small black trails when moved.

Note: The ability to see in the future isn't omniscient. He sees probabilities and not the definite future. And this only works while it is fueled by shards, which need to be generated.
morrjo, How do you plan on entering the RP? I think you may need to use a different character because I have no idea how to insert you without changing the entire RP.
Preferably just found on the ship beforehand. Dimension hopper, remember? There could be physical valuables aboard, and I could be plundering a few.
What I mean is if there is a dimension hopper then the RP could turn into a "Discover the dimension hoppers secret" Kinda thing. How about you're just a pirate plundering the ship?
Better. Though, if I don't have that, most of my ideas are gone. I'm here for valuables and whatnot, not just entertainment value.
Pirates plunder for valuables, not just for entertainment. I'm not following you.
"Crymson and I will only harm when we are pissed or angry and we only have the unlimited power for a small time and may be very injured after. But will always on the ground unconscious after. And place me on the character sheet. And everyone else understands the demons concept, and the killing of random people when you are a sociopath in an RP."
Are we allowed to start yet?
The whole reason "Noct" shows up is to plunder the ship of possible values: Scrap metal, rifles, ammunition, tech, etc. In other words, he's here for profit, and not just inspiring some sort of mystery.
morrjo, I recommend having more then one character. That way you don't have to make new reasons.
Name: Torin Davin
Age: 20
Species: Terran
Class: Heavy
Appearance: 6' 9", a hulking massive man. He is very muscled. Green eyes. His armor is fairly thick and dark grey. The numbers 176 are painted on the front of his armor.
Backstory: Is a hulking beast who is a complete idiot. Uses his shotgun and Bardiche
Primary Weapon: Shotgun
Side Weapon: Bardiche
Morrjo, how about you drop the whole dimmention hopper thing and you're welcome! Or just make another character and fill out another character sheet. Or both!
Got a new character from the back burner, though one problem: Zerg. And I Know that the whole "Free Changeling" thing has been overdone to hell and back, but I hope this's unique. You mind if I post it?
Why dont you just come up with a regular character? lol
"Um, the free Changeling has been only one person, named HBRB. I was once planning on having a Changeling, but I asked his permission while he was here, and he said: NOOOOOOO! SHALL BE ONLY ONE!"
Regular isn't fun at all! Besides, I'm not aiming for a swarm-oriented changeling like I believe that HBRB once had. The plan for my character is oriented around a split-personality. Still polishing it off.
"That sounds like HBRB's...."

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