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Yes i know Shahzad my Grammar is pretty terrible, but at work i do not have that mutch Time even that English is not my First language:)

Okay there is a Speedling All in who works very well in Higher League.

But! If we look at the Build from the TE we see that it is a Completly diffrent Build.

The Build who EGMachine dies against is a 15 Hatch 14Gas 15 Pool Build after 100 is been collected you pull out the Drohnes Build 2 Queens and Start nonstop Ling Production for like 2-3 Injects after that you will Build again Drohnes.

If the Oppenent Zerg is to Greedy this will kill him it comes at the 5:30 mark and isn t that much a All in.

Does not work against 15 Pool 16 hatch 16 Gas 3-4 Queen Build.

If we take the Build from Cheeseburger: This one is to Late and to easy to scout. The other things i have already written down in this Thread.

If you wanna do a good All in there is the 15 hatch Speedling All in the 32 Drohne Ling Bane Macro Attack and 24 Drohnes Ling Bane All in. Aswell the normal 14/14 All in:)

Every other All in has not proved as good enough for Higher Leagues.


And i hate People wo talking Bull*+&/*/= Gms Playing players aroung 1750+ Master ore people with a good MMR 1200 Points is Low to Mid Master.

1400 Master Players can dream to play vs a Gm player even he does not drop himself down ore the 1400+ Player is a good player on his Smurf.
Thank you for posting. This all in awesome build to add to the collection. Thanks for putting up!
Lol this build will not work at all in my level play. This is an all in that isnt very strong. Spine up or go roaches you counter easily. Btw if you wuestion my credibility im gm mmr high masters.
I'm in silver, and even I can scout that my opponent's natural is really late. Even I can see that he's gonna mine more than 100 Gas and build spines to react. Also, it's easy to wall off with evo chambers, a roach warren, and a spine with a Queen or two on hold position. Now, it's impossible to even get into the main.

If you want a good ZvZ all-in build, check out LowkoTV. He has this great build that looks exactly like a pool into hatch, but squeezes an extra Gas in. It hits right before the standard baneling nest comes out with a lot of speedlings. Also, for credibility, Lowko is a high Masters Zerg who also streams and ex-GM who faced Stephano on ladder once and almost beat him in ZvZ back near the start of hotS.
I don't understand how any build that doesn't get a nat can ever work. When they don't see you expand they are going to be prepared for ANYTHING you can POSSIBLY do on one base. This is true in friggin gold. Maybe I'm missing something but you don't explain this. In most ZvZs you will just meet a solid wall.

Maybe it would be better if you can fake then cancel a hatch, but I don't think you can get away with that in ZvZ.
1400 point is the traditional gm cut off
1200 point masters is good it would be like 1450 or 1500 point diamond.
08/27/2012 12:11 AMPosted by Niroxs
This Build works vs players without a Brain-.-

Yup. What you want to do instead is to get +1 carapace just in time to take a faster third. If he takes an equally fast third you deny it with the +1 armor lings, which soak 2 banelings hits.

This "+1 carapace fast third" build first came out in MLG where Sasquatch defeated Idra using it.
1st- Instead of talking about his "Masters" status, let's focus more on the topic which is the build.

2nd- Thanks for posting it for players that were unaware of this build! It is a good build for only ZvZ specifically that can catch any Zerg off guard if unscouted (Build works amazing Gold or lower) or if the other player can't really hold it off well. If I had 40 lings outside his base at 6:15 and he had let's say 2 evo chambers for wall and 2 spines to hold, and a few banes. I could probs trade lings for banes and trade efficiently.

3rd- I really dislike this build due to the "Hard to Transition out of". I've experimented with this similar build multiple times and honestly, the 5:35 speedling rush with natural expansion provides much more success. What it comes down to, want your natural or lings with +1 carapace? Just my personal experience with the whole thing.

4th- If you're Zerg (which I hope since you're reading this ;P) try this build out! I would try it first against AI to get the build down. Then experiment it with unranked play before ranked. Small TIP! Always remember to hit your larvae timings with your queen while attacking and microing. You always need backup to reinforce your army!

Have a great day y'all!
He is a low-masters with a 38% win-rate and <500 ladder points. Don't do what he says unless you want results as bad as his.
Do people seriously not look at dates before they post? NEEECROOOOO Dont post in this thread anymore.

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