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"So how about a Saturday afternoon and we all go to one cortex. Though not all of us will fit... So we'll have to make some cuts..."
It holds a decent amount of people SF.
"It only holds 13 peoples."
Ok, and how many of us do you think are going to come to it?

And then put that into the fact of how many people there are in Joeyray's?
"Yeah, there are only about 10 of us..."
Defiantly will join you in cortex as long as I don't forget >.>
I'm not sure my internet will support it now... :(
In a few months I might change plans and be able to play SC2 multiplayer again.
Zis is gut plan. We should all post our char numbers here so we can find each other.

Back to the actual topic, zis t'red is also gut plan. I have a friend who wrote a book on-the-go directly from his head... it's long, and it's interesting, but there are times when you can tell it was unplanned.
Will join if I remember. Looking forward to the new story.
"Knarled, WHAT THE HELL WAS IT YOU WERE SAYING? I could only understand the first two sentences..."
Vhad? H'yu no ondurstan' vhad I be zayink?
Little known fact.

If you click on a person's name (the one next to their portrait), the drop down will give you their character code.
Little known fact.If you click on a person's name, the drop down will give you their character code.

That's possible?!? What is this witchcraft?
Well call me a fish an' slap me silly.
I will comment on your story Jay... If you comment on mine XD
JK! I will comment anyways. Good luck, and may the writers block elude you.
Nothing much to say other than what has already been said.
Little known fact.

If you click on a person's name (the one next to their portrait), the drop down will give you their character code.

I'm surprised how many people on the forums don't know this oh well. But anyway for anyone who is too lazy to click mah name here's my CC : 925
Yeah, I'm 576, and when will be the game?
I belive the game will indefinately have to be on a weekend, for I myself start school again in two days (Idk how the rest of your schedules work, :P). I'm fine with any saturday or sunday date, and or perhaps on a friday night after I get back from school for the week. Whatever works best for you guys,
"Not next Saturday please. I am visiting my grandparents that weekend. I won't be able to be online much."





For now! I just read through just about the entire main storyline on the Starcraft Wiki "Starcraft Universe" page, plus some related pages portaining to ghosts and whatnot, and I also read Nova's entire page, which was quite interesting, :D

I'm so glad I read that all! I have lots of ideas now, and now realize how !@#$ed up my story looks in comparison to lore, xD Ohwell! Considering the story was created with very little or no knowledge of lore besides what is reveiled in the Starcraft 2 campaign~I'd say it went pretty well, ^^ (not to pat myself on the back or anything, XP)

I'm contemplating how I want to start the story~and how certain events will work out later on, but I'm confident that I'll be able to begin at least a basic start to the story soonish~

I'm very, very excited! I'm looking forward for writing again too, :)

So yeah, if you need me~I SHALL BE READING LORE.



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