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I would recommend that you read the Starcraft: Ghost books, I just read one of them yesterday (Yeah, I read quickly. Too quickly. Keep running out of books -_-) and it was pretty good for information about ghosts/spectres. Main thing learned from it: Ghosts are way, wayyyy OP on lore. Like, really OP. As in, Nova took out a small Zerg colony with a psionic wave instantly at one point. Plus killing Hydralisks by telekinetically ripping their heads in half. And then tossing the corpses at mutas flying overhead. O.o Yeeeaaah, you don't want to be the enemy of a ghost.
That's actually what ghost do if they are a 10 on the psi scale...
Yes, but if that's 10 and the scale is linear, then even a 6 or so would be way stronger than an in-game ghost.
That's why lore does not equal gameplay. If we take everything literally, motherships would be a lot more OP than they are ingame.
Yeah, and one High Templar could annihilate your whole army.

And an Ultralisk could destroy all your buildings by stepping on them.
Pretty much. And Carriers would one shot the entire map.
Never compare literature to gaming. Gaming always needs to be within certain constraints, otherwise it doesn't work. In literature, the author is God, therefore, you can F things up as much as you want.

Good luck Jay! I'll try to keep a closer eye on you, help you along as much as I can. I really enjoyed when we worked together on the RPs, but sadly, I do not have Cortex, and neither do I have the time to get it or figure out how it works. :(

But, I will still try to help out your story as much as possible.
I believe Cortex is a custom game. Or at least it is available as one.
If Literature was the same as gameplay, the Zerg would be able to spread creep like water, and mass produce hundreds of units at a time XD


Browder, get on that bro.
And Carriers won't suck as do they do now.

But really, I get this feeling that this will be epic.

Grammar person reporting for duty.
Mockingjay posts about how she is going to start a story. Gets to third page.

I start my story and get about ten pages of writing in. Still on first page.

Feel the love baby.
What is it with Spectres thinking they're invisible?

Think about it this way: if a moderately popular modern author wrote a book, people would be interested.

If J.R.R. Tolkien cam back from the dead and wrote a book, thousands of nerds would die of joy, and the survivors would writebooks about Tolkien's miraculous return.
So Mockingjay is J.R.R freaking Tolkien, and I'm a moderately popular author?

That hurts Knarled. *Teardrop*
I suppose I could have phrased that differently.

She is more famous as an author than you, though.
So Mockingjay is J.R.R freaking Tolkien, and I'm a moderately popular author?

That hurts Knarled. *Teardrop*

I know how that feels bro.
So Mockingjay is J.R.R freaking Tolkien, and I'm a moderately popular author?

That hurts Knarled. *Teardrop*

I know how that feels bro.

*Know that feel hug*
Dear gods, you've all gone soft.
We all need to Cortex sometime.

EDIT: *Reads pages* I guess the idea has already been tossed around. So is something already planned for one big JoeyRay's Cortex?

Edit2: Firstborn is a great Starcraft series.
Here are the recent stories that are updated at least once a week. Jay and Memories have been here for awhile so they are not included.

*Posts refers to story posts by the author

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Yep, our threads are there for awhile. Jay creates a planing thread for a story and everyone flocks to it and gives feedback while ours bites the dust. Pass the liquor Infinity. We are going to get smashed today!

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