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"Here are the recent stories that are updated at least once a week. Jay and Memories have been here for awhile so they are not included.*Posts refers to story posts by the authorThe Ascension by smylez: 7 posts 3 replies, 77 viewsWelcome to Korhal City Undertown by BCInfinity: 5 posts 7 replies 73 viewsDevroy Manufacturing by MarkusDaWise: 1 post 20 replies 43 views"Myth" by MockingJay: 58 replies 134 viewsYep, our threads are there for awhile. Jay creates a planing thread for a story and everyone flocks to it and gives feedback while ours bites the dust. Pass the liquor Infinity. We are going to get smashed today! "

*Looks at the above post*

*Feels bad*

...that is quite sad...I posted a simple idea and notification, and it immediately overtakes the new stories started a bit ago, lol

*Feels worse*

...Sorry, other stories...

Alright, I've decided after looking at more lore today (I spent 2 hours making notes, O_O) that I'm going to fictionally create a fringe world system called the "Solistica System".

I've decided I'm going to base the planets (two or three, I haven't decided) as places where exotic plants and animals live, (Just as any other planet in starcraftlore, but WHATEVER~THEY"LL BE SPECIAL IN SOME WAY. XD) as well as some alien mineral growth, of which their properties are very little known of nor really interesting~Ailen rocks, THEY'RE EVERYWHERE.

But this is where I'm going to have the main character grow up~! She'll grow up on a little farm where they sell their exotic livestock and whatnot and shat like that on one of these couple planets I'm going to make up. (I have ideas~I just need to organize, categorize, and create actual PLACES with what I come up with, xD)

That is the main idea for the main setting for the begining, and I'm content with my little draft here.

Thought it would be nice of me to inform you of such things~! :)

( AND YES!, I know this setting draft is crappy, but its the basic platform of my good idea I have in my head, XD)
A good setting is like the foundation of a building. Without it, the whole thing goes to pot.

You're sounding good so far.
Why thankyou, and that means a lot coming from you Thundercrash, :)
Looking forward to seeing what your new one looks like. ;)
I hate the starcraft universe timeline! XD

There isn't a good place to start her life that would have worked the way I wanted it to~!

Now I need to do a bit of rethinking, but at least with her living in a fringe world, it dosen't effect her like if I had her start out in some big city in a major part of their universe, XD

Otherwise, if it weren't for the timeline difficulties I'm trying to fix now~I probably would have started already!
"Alternate universe?"
I dunno, *shrug* Or someplace that's a bit farther out of the reaches of Dominion space~at least, story-lore wise,

Hrrrm...I guess....I'll have to think about it, xD
You're a good, intelligent girl, you'll figure something out.
Tehee, :)
09/05/2012 07:21 AMPosted by Thundercrash
Dear gods, you've all gone soft.

I'm not soft.

Just... emotionally challenged! Yeah that works.
I'm not soft.

Just... emotionally challenged! Yeah that works.

Ooh, me too! Me too!

Wait, wut?

If it helps, Jay, my story takes place outside of Dominion space. It's called a Knights Tale. Here's the link:

Ooh! Cortex! I found that over the summer and have been addicted ever since...XD

If I may be frank, i think that Mockingjay's success comes from both the fact that Jay the ghost already had quite the audience back in CL (she was one of the few frequently-appearing characters who interacted with others the whole time) and the fact that Mockingjay spaces her (his? Can't remember) stories out.

For example, she would always start new paragraphs with the above double enter (if memory serves me), to prevent walls of text from appearing. And unlike me, she wouldn't create long, run-on sentences full of parenthesis full of side comments (like this). This prevents her writing from transforming into a Zergling-like wall of hideous text.

At least, that's always what kept me interested.

...anyway, please tell me if we're planning a Cortex day. I know I don't show up much, but...it's a fun game.
I hate the starcraft universe timeline! XD

There isn't a good place to start her life that would have worked the way I wanted it to~!

Local time warp. Always works for me.
Creating a backstory is always difficult in the starcraft universe. That's why I like spectres, I can make up anything I want for them, and I can make them as crazy as I like.
Living in fringe space gives you a very flexible amount of disasters that can occur in the system. Thanks to its rather secluded nature, a call for help will likely be ignored. This is a nice set up for conflict in your story and its effect should be drastic on the character.

From what you stated early on, it is clear to me that the economy of this planet will be based on agriculture and minerals. Do any of the outside forces place any value on this system? These new minerals will no doubt be valuable so will the properties of these new minerals make sense lore wise?

For example "Terrans and protoss melt these minerals down to create the armored hulls of starships, vehicles and personal armor. Even the zerg require minerals to harden their carapaces and develop strong teeth." What makes these minerals so exotic (avoid giving them extreme properties such as immunity to something, that is very tricky to pull off)? You can develop something with this.

The character will also develop differently than if she grows up near a core world but you already mentioned this.

There's my feedback.
I have come to the perfect solution.

I will make this story completely unrealted to Starcraft Lore, but I'll alter some ideas, implement ideas I've made over the years in roleplay, take some of my own views of how I think the future will be someday, and BAM


Good for you.
Yip yip. Just make sure there are Zerg >:(

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