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I have come to the perfect solution.

I will make this story completely unrealted to Starcraft Lore, but I'll alter some ideas, implement ideas I've made over the years in roleplay, take some of my own views of how I think the future will be someday, and BAM



*Clap, clap, clap*

Told you.

*claps hands together* "There we go!"

"Thought I'd officially put this here for you guys, incase you didn't catch it in one of the Bar threads...."

In the above story I posted above, I used a member of the race I created as the main focus character. This is just a blurp about that race I made up.


A humanoid race having features relative to those of Human beings. They have near-white skin (A sort of gray color, which darkens when one becomes sick), which is cold to the touch, and also has a soft texture to it, even though in most lighting their skin looks almost reptilian-like or scaly. Over this pale, white skin, one can find ridges of hardened, darker skin which winds itself all over one’s body. It doesn’t cover the whole skin, and more so covers their bodies in a sort of way that a decorative tattoo would. Each Kalykie is born with a different ridge-pattern, varying from very sharp, geometric shapes and lines to more natural, organic shapes and curves. They say these natural patterns on their bodies are painted upon their bodies by the Creator herself, and can tell what their future will be. It is tradition to have a Reader decipher one’s patterns at birth.

A distinct feature of the Kalykie would be the dual sets of eyes they wear on their faces. The first set is put where perhaps a typical human’s eyes would be, only theirs are a bit larger. The second set is right below their first set, separated typically by a ridge of hardened skin like mentioned in the paragraph above. To a human, a Kalykie’s eyes can only be a shade of blue, ranging from a pale, icy color, to a darker shade of the same color, having a sort of fluorescent glow to them. To a Kalykie, however, one’s eyes can come in just about any color imaginable, for the color spectrum they see is different compared to the color spectrum a Human sees. They don’t appear to have pupils.

Kalykie, surprisingly, do have hair like Humans. Their hair color can only be white though, and often this gets cut off. Most Kalykie males go bald, though some keep a bit of their hair, but it is kept pretty short. The same goes with the females, though once in a while you will find a female with perhaps shoulder-length hair or longer.

Attached to the back of their heads are two antenna that hang in a downward fashion. The lengths of antenna vary with age, younglings having them pretty short, and elders having them about to their knees. Luckily, it is impossible for the antennae to grow longer than what you are tall, for otherwise there would be many Kalykie who would be running around with their super-long antennae dragging across the ground behind them. They typically stop growing after about forty human years, while they themselves can live for centuries.

An interesting thing about the Kalykie is their ability to speak to each other through their minds. Somehow, their antennae can pick up certain energies their minds make, which makes them able to read each other’s minds. They speak often in this way, though it is possible for them to speak verbally too, although those above the age of the last adolescence year are not allowed to speak verbally. The Kalykie view verbal speech as a disgrace, for it is much more efficient and better for their community to speak through each other’s minds. Once a ‘teen’ Kalykie becomes of age, their mouths are sewn shut in tradition-it shows that they are now adults, and that they have taken the vow to speak only from thought and not speech. (There is a very long and complicated history to this tradition that I will probably explain later)

The average height of a Kalykie is about seven feet tall, the shortest being six foot, and the tallest a bit taller than eight. They have five fingers on each of their hands (the second, the ring finger in human terms, typically being thicker than the other ones), and then four toes on their feet, paired off in twos. About where their ears would be are two spike-like structures, made specifically to pick up vibrations on a very wide spectrum of variation, (even though their hearing is probably just about equivalent to that of a human, if not a bit better). These protrude in a backwards direction, at a forty-five degree angle upward.

At the base of their skull, at the back of their head between their antennae, grows a small crystal-like structure beneath the skin. Here, is where their thoughts are stored if they were to become unconscious or die. The older you are, the more thoughts and memories you can store into this crystalline structure in your head. When you are dead, and it is confirmed, this crystal is taken from the body before its burial, and is added to a mosaic in the Kalykie’s main city (its name unknown for now, for I haven’t come up with a name yet, :I)(The crystals also happen to come in different colors). In different cases, if one requests it, the crystal is taken and put into an AI structure, which will have the same knowledge and personality as the person the crystal came from-but It is not the same exact person, for their soul will have returned to the Creator. It is something like the ghost of their memory, only acting upon the information stored within the crystal. This is nice for the Kalykie, for they can keep lots of old knowledge alive that would have died with the people who had it otherwise.
My goodness. That... is more than a blurb.
That is a blurb in my definition of one, :P
Sweet mother of....
11/10/2012 09:49 AMPosted by Mockingjay
That is a blurb in my definition of one, :P
I'm scared of whatever you would call a wall of text.
Well. Imagine the above.

Only multiply it by twenty two.

Well. Imagine the above.

Only multiply it by twenty two.

What do you think? XD Of the description, I mean
11/10/2012 09:55 AMPosted by Mockingjay
What do you think? XD Of the description, I mean
I'm in the process of reading it. Hadn't gotten a chance until now.
Ah well...feel free to give feedback, xD
Okay, finished it. Looks good and sufficiently alien to be possible. I must ask about the overall body shape though. Is their overall form humanoid, insectoid, rodentish?

P.S. The thing about the crystals is slightly eerie, having a mosaic composed of bits of dead people...
There's a history to the mosaic, I'll have to add that too at some point, xD

Well, as for their overall form....I've already started trying to draw one, of which I may post on Deviant Art soon, so...if you're willing to wait for that, that would be the best way to explain how they look, :P
There's a history to the mosaic, I'll have to add that too at some point, xD

Well, as for their overall form....I've already started trying to draw one, of which I may post on Deviant Art soon, so...if you're willing to wait for that, that would be the best way to explain how they look, :P
Always willing to wait for something good. Starcraft 2 would be a good example. And this entire story in itself (it was only, like, what... five months between your announcement and first story post?) ;)
xD I feel terribad about that still...
11/10/2012 10:10 AMPosted by Mockingjay
xD I feel terribad about that still...
Don't. Like I said, it's worth waiting rather than to have something rushed and badly done.
True, :P
And now, A timeline! XD

Earth/Human History. *Estimated Dates and General Ideas of how the Past/Future Unfolded*

2234-World War III begins due to major Oil Shortages and much tension from previous conflicts.

2264-The United Powers-(Including the USA, China, UK, and other major countries) end the war by coming together and developing new ways of renewable energy after twenty years of working together. This is the year their successful project is spread across the world. (The Wireless Solar Energy Project)

2269-The UN now includes all countries of the world

2280-The World Merging Project begins as suggested by the UN

2298-The countries of Earth have all become one huge nation called the United Powers of Earth (UPE) in honor of the work done by the United Powers in WWIII

2300-The official merging of the Nations is celebrated worldwide.

2310-The UPE starts funding major Science Research under the World President Willmar Nemini

2312-Major Genetic Research has begun

2315-The Great Search for hospitable planets is renewed and expanded

2325-Genetic Manipulation of the Human body has begun to be used for commercial use.

2331-The Human Gene Pool has been expanded due to past manipulations, leaving the next generation to be mutated.

2333-All Humans now have number coded last names for keeping track of Mutations. (EX: 23352)

2336-Hospitable Planets have been located in adjacent solar systems as well as galaxies.

2345-Genetic Problems are Unseen-the Mutated Generation is stable.

2347-Spaceships are beginning to be designed for traveling at the speed of light.

2350-First signs of official life on Hospitable Planets have been Confirmed.

2356-The First team of astronauts have landed on the nearest Hospitable Planet called Nemini-Named in honor of the Second World President Willmar Nemini

2365-The Colonization Project begins.

2370-Citizens of Earth are encouraged to enlist to being on the Colonization Project-meaning they will get to live on other planets.

2374-The First Colony is developed on Nemini.

2382-Fifty-Five other Colonies have begun on other planets.

2400-The Colonization Project is declared successful.

2405-Other Intelligent Life forms are rumored to exist via Media

2435-The Colony of the planet Solaris declares itself Independent, and free of the UPE for unknown reasons. UPE is neutral in relation of this statement.

2436-Five other planets in relation to Solaris have declared Independence. UPE becomes uneasy.

2440-A team of terrorists from an Independent planet invade a UPE planet and destroy a Genetic Manipulation and Research Facility and raid other Science Facilities. Disturbing images are released into the Media. Citizens begin to question if the UPE is becoming corrupted.

2441-Rebellion begins against the UPE in relation to Media Images.

2445-UPE starts to retaliate and ends up destroying an entire colony on the surface of the planet Charity. The Current President Mixinvi 04963 ordered this himself, causing outrage in the UPE

2451-Tension is great within the UPE, Rebellious Activities becoming widely common just about everywhere in the UPE’s Sector of space.

2453-A Solar Storm hits earth from the sun, disabling communication for an unknown amount of time. Panic spreads through the distant sector controlled by UPE

2453-A temporary president is chosen to lead the people of the Sector


That. Is all the creative juices. All of them.
Where does the part you wrote fit in with the timeline?

P.S. I take it this still doesn't meet your standards of a text wall?


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