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Plot posted in Zanon's PRP Bar.

Give the usual name, age, species (Terran or Protoss), backstory, and appearance.

Additional info:
Loyalty- Ranges from Extremely Low (hates the establishment for whatever reason), Very Low, Low, Neutral, High, Very High, Extremely High (takes almost all orders without question)

And your weaponry.
Primary Weapon-
Sniper Rifle (Amazing range, great damage, low RoF)
Assault Rifle (decent range and damage, high RoF)
Shotgun (low range, great damage, decent RoF, spread)
Disrupter (decent range, obscene damage, low RoF)

Side Weapon-
Pistol Single
Pistol Double
Grenade Launcher
Energy Cannon
Impaler Rifle (launches six-foot stakes, retrieveable ammo)

Melee Weapon-
Sword (specify reach, cutting effectiveness, stab effectiveness> RoA determined weightwise)
Throwing Daggers
Combat Knife
Psi blade
Warp blade

Fragmentation Grenade (x4)
Concussion Grenade (x6)
Landmine (x2)
Remote Detonator (x3)
C4 block (x1)
Molotov cocktail (x5)

Modifications (select 3)-
Extra armor [multiple equip possible]
Medical laser
Rally {increase allied damage for short period}
Shield Generator [multiple equip possible]
Restorative Nanites
Decoy {Creates fake copy of self}
Cloaking Device
Guardian Shield
Electric Ripcord {six feet of electrified wire}
Zerg link {allows one small Zerg ally, can be Zergling, Roach, Hydralisk, or Defiler}
Antigrav Generator {temporary lightness, increase to speed massively}
Dex {identify unknown items without returning to base}
"I am the DM. And this is the plot."

Long after the Hybrids have been eliminated, the Protoss and Terrans have united under a single banner, and the Zerg under Kerrigan's control are pacified, a deadly disease rips through the fabric of society. New tech suits are created, as the only known cure is consumption (or, in Protoss cases, absorption) of water from springs on a world guarded by a fanatical race with guerrilla tactics and a planet hostile to heavy machinery, or even larger Zerg strains. A united human and Protoss outskirt squad is near a source, and must push deeper into territory held by this threat.
Signup: A massive array of customization, to be fully outlined in a full thread, and liberal use of plot devices to guide a rather difficult choice pattern.

"Now build your character. Soon I am going to make my own as well."
Name: Kayle Manassa
Age: 25
Loyalty: Neutral
Species: Terran
Appearance: 6'5", dark brown hair, hazel eyes, lean, but muscular, wears a Helsing style coat over armor.
Weapons: XCY-200 Assault rifle, Twin Bone-Breaker Combat Pistols, Claymore, concussion grenade.
Armor Mods:Restorative nanites, integrated jetpack, shield generator
Backstory: Kayle was young when the alliance between Terran and Protoss was struck and isn't super thrilled about it, but he also isn't super against it like others. Once he turned 18, he joined the military and has served in several missions since.
Name: Korfin Davin
Age: 31
Species: Terran
Appearance: 6' 9", a hulking massive man. He is very muscled. Green eyes. His armor is fairly thick and dark grey. The numbers 176 are painted on the front of his armor.
Backstory: A hulking beast who was forced into after a re-socialization. He has taken on several anti Zerg mission by himself. He is basically the tank that keeps everyone safe as he destroys his enemies with his Bardiche. He is a complete idiot.
Primary Weapon: Shotgun
Side Weapon: Grenade Launcher
Melee Weapon: Bardiche (Type of Polearm)
Grenade: Fragmentation Grenade (x4)
Modifications: Extra Armor (x2) Restorative Nanites
Loyalty: High, nearly very high. He is just very dumb.
"Also, Draconus, add Incendiary."
Good point.
"Should I replace Dual War Axes with a Bardiche?"
It's your character.
You forgot to list your Loyalty level.

You will return to full weapon stock and health when you return to base.
I'll wait for three others.
Name: Lieutenant Hawk
Age: 50
Species: Terran
Appearance: 6'0 with a average build. He is agile and surprisingly strong for his size and age. Salt and pepper colored hair with a neatly trimmed beard and mustache with same color. Eyes color is blue. He also has a scar running across his left cheek about a quarter inch wide four inches long.
His armor has a Sapper insignia on the side as well as a few special forces markings. His armor has various different grenades strapped on his chest and the combat knife is mounted over his left shoulder.
Backstory: Was part of the Dominion for several years of his life. He was sent to retrieve data discs from the wreckage of Armigo. While there he met a fellow Dominion sniper, a spectre, and a protoss immortal with terran fire arms attached to it.
After the data was retrieve he and his squad as well as the fore mentioned had scra.ped together transports to escape the wreckage. In time he found out that the operation was to be blacked out and the squad was to be silenced. He defected and continued travel with the people he had met on his previous mission.
After he had left their company records of him ceased to exist until now when he has shown up to join the cooperative. He now resumes his service as a special forces demolitions and heavy weapons expert.
Primary Weapon: Disrupter
Secondary Weapon: Grenade Launcher
Melee Weapon: Combat Knife
Explosives: C-4 block (x1)
Armor Mods: Shield Generator (x1), Cloaking Device, AntiGrav Generator.
Loyalty: Neutral
Nice. I like. A lot.
name: "Hijack" Richards
age: 37
race: Terran
appearance: 6'3'', Thin and lanky; Wears a modified specter uniform.
backstory: As a former Entity, Richards also uses tactics that he learned from the zerg he spent so much time fighting. He respects the zerg much as his own kind or the protoss.
primary: sniper rifle
secondary: pistol
melee: warp blade (actually the severed claw of a hybrid reaver, but hey, who cares?)
explosive: landmine (2x)
armor mods: zerg link (roach), cloaking device, poke-- I mean, ummmmm, just Dex
loyalty: neutral
Name: Johnathan Vector
Age: 25
Species: Terran
Appearance: Black hair, pale skin, and bright green eyes. About 6' tall, and is quite agile.
Backstory: A newly graduated cadet who excelled at combat exercises. Was assigned to this mission due to his agility and intelligence, which he utilizes to great affect on the battlefield.
Primary Weapon: Sniper Rifle
Secondary Weapon: Impaler Rifle
Melee Weapon: Throwing Knives
Explosive: Landmines
Modifications: Jetpack, Cloaking Device, Anti-Grav
Loyalty: High

He would generally engage from the distance, and is quite vulnerable in close range. This is a great idea with all of the customization you have put in, and I will try to continue with this.

I can only do all of these RPs because they go so slow XD And they will be even slower during the school year :P
Oh, XD.

It still looks as if you posted first though.

I ninja'ed you before you edited >.>

How is that possible?
I pulled another character of mine who needs lots of development. Figured I could use what I have so far in here.
I think we can start Drac.
Yes we can though I think Drac is busy with something today. Might be starting later.
Oh wait, I think SF is the DM.
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"Draconus is the one with the starting off plot of coming. He does the major stuff. I do the day to day DMing."
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