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Ill join when i get near a computer.
So if there has to be only one Sniper-type person, who would it be?

ZergBioMech posted a reserved spot, and I posted mine before he edited XD
I'll post mine later.

Name: "Vault"
Age: 27
Species: Terran
Appearance: 6'1, average build, hazel eyes, has the oath of the company on his back. Dark wavy hair, goatee. Has a scar running from his right eye down to his chin.
Backstory: He worked as a drill Sgt. in guerrilla warfare. He is now working with the rest of humanity in the Koprulu sector in order to cure a disease.
Primary Weapon: Assault Rifle
Side Weapon: Grenade Launcher
Melee Weapon: Tomahawk
Grenade: Concussion Grenade (x6)
Modifications: Antigrav Generator, Cloaking Device, Restorative Nanites
Loyalty: Low, he doesn't agree with everything the group does, but he will stick with his company when they need it most.
You forgot your mods.
The whole crew arrived at a bunker near the end of a large desert. A small settlement is just south, with a small cluster of homes, a store, and a port.

A dropship flies in during the twenty-five minutes each week when ionic storms don't ravage the surface. An Adjutant is delivered, as well as a communication device. Commander Ravius [this connects to other threads] left a message that to the north lies an enemy encampment, to defend one of the spring sources. In the doorway of the bunker lies a plague victim, skin expanded into a bloated cover, ripped in places. The eyes have burst, and the bones have rotted apart in places.
"What is the first name, or nickname of the Ravius?"
Stepping off the drop ship, I look at the body and feel pity for him. "Well, that's an unpleasant way to go."
One of my characters. *I tear up*

IC: I get off the drop ship, my assault rifle in my hand, the grenade launcher on my back, and the tomahawk on my hip. "Poor sod, we can't feel sorry for everyone."
"Didn't plan on it. Think that's my first sight of this plague?" I pull my rifle off my back and look to the north. "So we're really expected to assault the enemy directly. Kinda crazy really."
"Command wants us to assault them head on? They are god damned fools, I would prefer using their own tactics against them. Guerrilla." I grab my tomahawk and I toss it into the air. "I swore my life for this company, but command is going too far with this plan."
"Oh, shut up. We're soldiers, not women."
"I know that, but you have to admit, command is wrong on this one. We can't win through a head on assault. We have to keep the enemy occupied while we send a Guerrilla team to flank their position." I catch the tomahawk.
The bunker's layout:
Center room (Adjutant, community connection [channels: Commander,Priority One, Plague Spread, Weapon Repair, Home Line 1, Home Line 2, Home Line 3, Report Patrol, "Shopping List"], Weapon Closet)
Under Floor (Supply Closet, First aid center)
I step off the transport and walk to the bunker I remain quiet as the other continue to talk. I take a seat near a window.
Korfin walks in, barely squeezing through the doorway. "When do we kill?"
I put my tomahawk up and I walked over so I could try to send a message to command. {Ok, you guys are dumb asses, for I am not going to be battling on the front lines, and anyone who you send up there would be idiots for follow that command.}
{This is Commander R. N. Ravius. Who in hell do you think you are, Cadet? Listen, tomorrow at dawn I expect an attack on the fort those things hold. *coughs* Now get to it.}
I turned off the communicator. "Screw command, we are not going to do a frontal assault, and the rest of you would be retarded to do so."
"I want kill enemy." Korfin pulls out his Bardiche. "I like front attack."
I turned towards the big guy. "Listen, we will suffer more from a frontal attack. We wont win unless we can flank them."

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