Techsuit Warfare, a Draconus project

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"I doubt it. We don't even have a mortar team. The commander might be able to tell you more."

I turn to the logs that I was looking at before.
I was walking as best as I could. "Damn, my body feels like it's stiffening up."
"I'll look first." I go into the supply closet and dig around a bit before finding one. "Hey Hawk, I got one! Think we can link it up with the command hub?"
OOC: Sorry but I am not sure what a UGV is. Please explain.
Unmanned Ground Vehicle. Think UAV but on the ground.
Makes sense. Thank you for clarifying.


"It's possible. Might even be able to link it with our hologram unit here as well."
"Good all we need is a techy who knows what he's doing."
"I check the roster. Might have someone on there that might be able to do something with this thing."

I pull up the troop roster and start looking for a tech specialist.
OOC: No vehicles or heavy machinery work on the planet due to plot reasons. Only infantry :/
UGV isn't heavy machinery Nik.
How large would it be? I know that UAVs are usually like 3-5 feet long, but idk about Ground ones :/
Bout the same length and only a couple feet tall. Used for recon where flying don't work.
Hrm. I think SF would be the one to decide XD

I think it would be fine, but maybe Drac or SF don't want it. Where is Draconus, anyway?
"I think the machine would be fine. And I think Draconus went camping for the last week."
He probably did.


"I found someone who can run this dang thing. A Corporal Johnathan Wells. Lets see if we can find him. I hope he ain't amongst the body count we have."
I head into the camp starting to look for Corporal Wells.
I head out too, looking in a different area.
I searched near the wall and found someone who knew of the Corporal's last know location. That happened to be the ruined barracks that I had almost demolished with the cannon. Apparently he had taken up there while we camped here. I make my way over there to see if I can find him.
I keep asking around, finally directed towards the barracks. I run into Hawk on my way there. "So, I'm guessing you've been directed here as well?"
"Yep. This better be worth it. I am sure the commander is quite stressed as it is since his wife is joining us here with the next batch of troops."
I enter the ruins and see several men holed up here. Most of them see me and Kayle enter and a few jump up to attention. I motion them to return to what they were doing.

"Corporal Johnathan Q Wells front and center."

As I finish I see a small man quickly stand up and scurry over towards me. Wells had a small frame and bore a smaller suit than my own. Must have been for all the tech equipment that he had with him I note. He stands at attention in front of me.

"Relax son you aren't in any trouble. I just need you to follow me back to the map room for now. Grab your gear and follow me." I watch him hurry back to where he was and grab his pack and the rest of his gear. Soon he was right behind me as I start to head out of the barracks and back to the map room.

"Looks like we found him Kayle." I chuckle to myself quietly following that statement.
"Yep." I follow the two to the map room and bring out the UGV. "Can you hook this up to the command hub for us?"

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