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"Flank, them?" Korfin seems to have trouble pronouncing it at first. "What flank mean? I like kill."
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"Flank, them?" Korfin seems to have trouble pronouncing it at first. "What flank mean? I like kill."
I show him a map of the battlefield that we will be sent too soon. "Ok we are here." Points to the bunker. "The enemy is here." Points at the fort. "Flanking means that we can circle around them and catch them off guard while we have a team to distract them, and if you can catch them off guard. There will be more of those bastards for you to kill. And you know what, we want to kill every single bastard in there. You follow my plan and you get as many bastards as you want."
I shake my head and slap the young cadet upside the head. "And you'll get court-martialed for ignoring orders. I've already run a flanking scenario in my head. If they use guerrilla tactics, then most likely our team will run into their team and things still go badly. Use that brain that some divine power gave you."
"Look at this, we use their tactics against them. Didn't I already say this?!" The tomahawk was already out. "And you know what, how are they going to court-martial me if they need everyman they can get their greedy hands on!"
"You flank. Me tank." Korfin says.
"Because the command structure doesn't allow for dissent. I disagree with this plan too, but we'd suffer more losses trying to flank then we would trying to take it from the front. Besides, we have stealth fighters. It's their job to get inside."
"Ok, so what are we going to do if they flank us, we lose the same amount of forces if we flank."
"Both I kill many?" Korfin asks. He must've never went to school.
"That's for me to worry about. The only thing this plan doesn't account for is which side the flank will come from."
"Then how come command hasn't thought about doing artillery fire to soften them up?"

OOC: And which Ravius is it?
"Did you not see what happened to those siege tanks as we flew down? Those storms tore the hell out of them. And we can't use a planetary bombardment because then we'll lose the springs. So this war is fought with front-line soldiers."
"I am slow here. More slow dan normal." Korfin says.
"Fine, but I am not going to listen to command on this move, we will come up with the battle plan. And I believe I found one that might work."
"ME FRONT! ME SMASH! ME CLEAVE!" Korfin starts yelling.
I step off of the shuttle late, and head into the building, overhearing the argument.

"Leave it. Frontal Assault is what command says, and I'm sure you don't have the brain power f a couple hundred trained tacticians. If they say Frontal Assault, Frontal Assault is the best option for us."
"Me agree with hew."
"How many of us have grenade launchers? We can use those to supplement artillery but we would have to be closer than the artillery we used to have. We will go slow, the best Defense is the best Offense."
I sigh and shake my head. "Does no one think that maybe we should see what the situation dictates once the battle starts? No plan survives contact with the enemy."

OOC: Who did I just quote?
Was it General Patton?
"I have grenade gun."

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