Techsuit Warfare, a Draconus project

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"Grenade Launchers are in no way Artillery. By the time we get close enough to actually hit them with any reasonable efficiency, they would have long-since noticed us. There is no position from which we could advance without getting ambushed with that plan." I say, pulling up a holographic map on the wall.
No, Zanon.

IC: Sighing again, I head outside and activate my jetpack deciding to do aerial recon of the fort. {Let me know when you ladies are done arguing. I'm doing recon.}
{Fine frontal assault it is.} "While we are here, we might as well tell each other our names. 'Vault'."
"I'm Johnathan, but I prefer to be called Vector. I'll be seeing if there's a point I can snipe from. I'll see you once I'm done."

At this I activate my Anti-Gravity Boosters and head off with my Jetpack to see if there was any good spots to hide in. As I get high enough I cloak.
"Kofrin." Kofrin says. His Bardiche was in his right hand. He was anticipating a battle.
{I'm Kayle.} Reaching the fort I look it over. {Doesn't seem like much. But I see ranged defenses, so approaching through the tall grass is a good bet.}
{I'm sorry, but I think or giant of a friend ain't going to be able to hide.} "How strong are you Kofrin?"
An archer notices a little bit of movement. He preps his bow.

"Very. I wrestle big Zergy thingy with knife. It fun. But I was hurt bad after."
"You are one crazy son of a !@#$%, I think I'm going to like you already." I pull out a cigar. "Cigar?"
"Yes. Got a fire maker?"
Seeing the archer, I fly a little higher then activate the built in rangefinder. {I spotted some troops. Archers.}
{Still, I think the big guy should go somewhere else during the fighting, that grass wont be tall enough to hide him.} I pull out a lighter and light the two cigars.
The archers fire at the movement, the arrows whistling past Kayle's body. Barely missing. A few spear men decide to go through the brush to check for Kayle.

Kofrin starts smoking. "This feel good." He nods his head as he says it.
SF, I'm in the sky.

IC: {Son of a- They fired at me!} I head back to the bunker, passing a cloaked Vector. Landing out side, I pull out a small flask of rum and take a swig.
The spear men go back to the archers. "There was nothing there."
"Guess we wasted some arrows. Now let's get prepared for the ambush." An archer says.
{In my sights.}

I prep my Impaler Rifle, and de-activate my cloaking. I fire it off at them, hitting one and going through several others.

OOC: I'm in the air too XD

Edit: Ninja'd @.@
I think we should use Section 8 Jetpacks?
An archer turns around and fires exactly where the bullet came from, clogging up the barrel of the sniper. "Whoever that was, is now dead."
What are the creatures?
Mines integrated into my armor.

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