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Name: Jake Rektet
Mech Name: Ripper
Age: 27
Faction: Zerg (FOR THE SWARM!)
Ties to other Faction: Has a supplier of weapons from the Spectres
Out of mech weapons: Small Explosives, Combat Knife, Dual Pistols, Assault Rifle
Mech Appearance: Large and bulky, supported by many spider-like legs.
Apperance: Black hair, pale skin, striking green eyes. Tall and lanky build, prefers to stay in his mech.
Fighting Style: Attacks from long range, bombarding his opponents with heavy weaponry. Prefers not to get too close, but can manage if engaged at melee.
Backstory: (Drat. I have no idea how he would have been picked by Kerrigan for this)

I can't decide on weapons...

None seem Zerg-y enough...
Name: Kyle Walker

Faction: Spectre

Mech Name: Burning Star

Appearance: Dark brown hair, milky white eyes, a jagged scar runs down his left cheek. He is moderately built, giving him a balance of speed and strength

Age: 27

Weapons on hand: Hand gun and two combat knives

Ties to other factions: Did work for the Umojan Protectorate, and with Mobius.

Backstory: His life after following Gabrial Tosh out of New Folsom prison was a hard one. His supply of Terrazine had dwindled down to nothing, within a month. He was forced to accept near suicidal missions, just to get a fix. Since leaving Tosh, and the Raiders, he has gone from one leash to the next, begging for scraps.

Fighting Style: He prefers hand to hand combat, but is still quite deadly at long range. He is proficient with sniper rifles and most assault weaponry, namely the Gauss rifle. His hand to hand combat, would be on par with many of the martial arts masters of Tarsonis, or Korhal.
Name: John Mintoth
Age: 29
Faction: Dominion
Weapons Off Mech: A pistol and combat knife
Mech Name: Shadow Stalker
Mech apperance:
Ties with other Factions: Has an arms dealer in Dominion keeping him supplied.
Backstory: A veteran domion mech pilot, John was among the pilots to fight with the dominion during Raynor's rebellion.
Fighting style: Prefers to kill an enemy asap planning on his superior understanding in weapons and armor to save himself if an enemy gets to close.
(I gotta go for like 5 hrs =/ so if ya'll start and im not here im sorry =( )

Edited mah post. Messed it up a couple times XD
Name: Stephen Weston (goes by last name)

Faction: Raynor's Raiders

Mech Name: Ravager

    Height: 6' 10"
    Weight: 185 lbs.
    Hair: Dark Blond, hair always seems to be on end like it's charged with static electricity, short, short beard, glasses
    Eyes: Bright Blue
    Skin: Pale White
    Build: Not Very Muscular and on the Skinny Side

Age: 27

Weapon On Hand: Combat Dagger

Faction Affiliations: Weston has been involved with deals from the Spectres faction before, obtaining useful parts and weaponry. He knows how to haggle with them and has gained some respect from them.

Backstory: As a small child Weston was always tinkering with mechanical objects and made a toy robot when he was six. His home world was attacked by the zerg and he was saved by the raiders who had come to the world's aid. His mother was killed and his father had been off world at the time. The Raiders took him in not knowing his father was alive and he's been working with them since.

Other: Great Mechanic/Engineer

Fighting Style: Weston is most comfortable with melee combat. He can kill with a pistol but he doesn't carry one around because he is much more comfortable with his dagger.

(don't be afraid to tell me if there is something wrong with my sheet.)
Name: Shannon Carrol
Faction: Mobius
Mech Name: No Remorse
Appearance: She is roughly 5'8", brown hair, and blue eyes. She is a well built and flexible woman, as well as a trained acrobat.
Age: 24
Weapons on hand: Small Calibre Pistol along with a Sniper Rifle, and two small dagger
Ties to other factions: None
Backstory: A descendant of the same family Arcturus, and Valerian Mengsk hail from, she is a kind of cousin, as well as the daughter of a head scientist at Mobius. She grew up around the energy weapon testing lab, and was trained in hand to hand combat from a young age. She quickly grew fond of tweaking with the power levels in the weapons, and helped design them when they were resized for Mobius' mech project, which were instantly successful. She is cunning and cold hearted, a trained veteran for her young age, and is known for giving the impression of an impatient combatant, although every move she makes is well planned out.
Fighting Style: She uses a unique close range shotgun, which fires shots not unlike that of the Energy weapons Mobius produces. She has a small-scale, mounted railgun on No Remorse's back that she uses as her main long-range based weapon, and tends to rush in with a hail of machine gun fire before decimating her opponents with shotgun blasts.
Faction: Moebius
Mech Name: Arcadium Aegis
pilot name: Gibson Smith
age: 32
out-of mech weapons: electro-stunner, and a nano-khopesh
mech appearance: a more streamlined and advanced Thor, with repulsion engines for extra maneuverability.
backstory: a skilled Thor merc pilot pilot during the second great war, "Gib" sold his services to Moebius in exchange for a cooler "ride"
fighting style: tank, disable, hit with bfg; repeat, ???, profit

the edit ninja strikes again........
ZergBioMech, please use the application format. Soldier, Darzan, and Sneak Mind, please chose different factions. We need them to be equally distributed.
Name: Kyle Walker

Faction: Dominion

Mech Name: Burning Star

Appearance: Dark brown hair, Blue eyes, a jagged scar runs down his left cheek. He is massive, a real brute.

Age: 39

Weapons on hand: Pump action shotgun, and Gauss rifle

Ties to other factions: None

Backstory: Having seen what the Confederacy was capable of during the Guild Wars, he prefers to do as he is told and reap the rewards. Since the fall of the Confederacy, he has re-enlisted into the DMC and is now a captain among other things.

Fighting Style: He is a brawler, enjoying the thrill of hand to hand combat almost to a psychotic level. When he isn't upclose and personal with his victims he likes to tear them to pieces with either his Shot gun, or his gauss rifle.
(Dominion okay for me to squeeze into Zarkun?)
"Yes. That is what is most needed actually."
08/29/2012 04:59 PMPosted by Zarkun
ZergBioMech, please use the application format. Soldier, Darzan, and Sneak Mind, please chose different factions. We need them to be equally distributed.
Oh OK.... Can I have a spectre mech in Raynor's raiders? Spectres work for the highest bidder so can I just say the Raiders offered more so I joined them?
You can have connections with the Spectres. We would like you to go Umoja or Dominion though Raider's is fine.
"But wfawwer would prefer you to be Dominion or Umojan, but Raiders is fine."
OK but my Mech has to be Raynor's raiders? Like Low firepower but high defense and speed? I don't mind rewriting my character too much, but I'd like to avoid it if possible.
Edit: Oh wait dominion and umojan are better choices?

I seriously don't mind rewriting my character a little, is there a specific faction you wanted me to play?
Awwww i was gonna be a Spectre plzzzz
"Yes, high defense and speed, but crappy weapons. And we had too many Spectres. So we have to have something different, so no Mecha."
Mecha, we need balance. As soon as Owl posts his we'll have some for sure stuff. But right now, we need you else where. And Sneak, we need you preferably Umoja.
(be back in probably 6 hours or so >.> work sucks.)

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